Tatiana Plakhova goes deep into cellular life to reveal our universality. A Two to Five minute meditation. Life is Art….

The fusion of  visual Art with sound, the weaving of Tantra, a Meditation on the Insubstantiality of the self, a contemplative Science, a Geological formation, the web of Cultural Patterns, a Mathematical harmony ….


Tatiana Plakhova goes deep into cellular life to reveal our universality. Her core communication is to show a new way of “infographic” drawing.

Calling her work Complexity Graphics, she combines connection and energy.

“Everything we see is a biological, mathematical or geological information. It can also be cultural patterns or any other thing.”

Complexity graphics are based on mathematical simplicity and harmony.

This mathematical style helps her to illustrate everything from biological cells to the space and meditative worlds.

“That’s why I admire math, because it’s everywhere and nowhere,” she says.

Imaginary landscapes of interconnected entities are the prevailing theme.

Click on any of her themes such as a

  • Forest Meditation,
  • Devon,
  • A Human Being is a Human Dreaming.

Length ranges from two to five minutes. Watch in FULL SCREEN.

Tatiana lives and works in Moscow and spends time in Tel Aviv.

  • Wow! I Love Tatiana’s Complexity Graphics!

    They make me feel full of marvellous miracle, and I want to take deep breaths of awesomeness.

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