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white house

White House marks the Day of Buddha’s Enlightenment. Full Moon of May.

Full Moon of May (26 May 2021) marked the Day of Buddha’s Enlightenment. Buddhists refer to the day as Vesak.
For the first time, White House marked the day. The White House made a kind invitation to respected senior Buddhists to offer a short service on 26 May.

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Big Screens at the President-elect Victory Speech said ‘The People have Chosen Empathy. ‘ From humble beginnings…

One dictator lost his job. The people fired him. A few more to go.
I watched on YouTube the 15 minute victory speech of President-elect Biden.
Worth a view.
I also watched the 15 minute speech of vice-President elect Kamala Harris (mother from India, father from Jamaica).
Fine speeches.

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Commander-in-Chief. A Song by Demi Lovato. Is this the Song and Video of 2020? Mr Trump. You may soon be fired. This song tells you why. VOTE.

Listen to the song. Passionate. Powerful. A Summary of Four Years of the Trump occupation of the White House. He may soon be evicted. Continue reading