Big Screens at the President-elect Victory Speech said ‘The People have Chosen Empathy. ‘ From humble beginnings…

One dictator lost his job. The people fired him. A few more to go.
I watched on YouTube the 15 minute victory speech of President-elect Biden.
Worth a view.
I also watched the 15 minute speech of vice-President elect Kamala Harris (mother from India, father from Jamaica).
Fine speeches.

Here are the speeches on Youtube
Big screens at the President-elect speech said:
The People have Chosen Empathy.
Lovely sentiment.
We could say 75 million voted for Joe BIden and empathy.
70 million others chose Trump.
One of many challenges.
A Major Task
The new President and vice-President have an immense task on their hands, bigger than any previous Presidents or Prime Ministers.
This task will take vision, compassion and attention to political detail.
Major areas to address include the global pandemic, small business crisis, a redistribution of wealth from the obscenely rich, work to end institutional racism, poverty and initiatives to rebuild local community. We witness slow global disintegration of our ecology, We have to take care of all creatures, land, air and water.
That requires a depth of wise action, unwavering dedication accompanied with empathy.
The new tenant soon to take up residence in the White House  and his team have a major undertaking. Phew.
A small majority of the American people have authorised them to make a start.
Rhetoric offers hope and inspiration. Action counts.
A Matter of Possibility
We heard from the President-elect that the USA is country of “possibility.”
We welcome the potential for a ‘United’ States of America’  but we find ourselves in a global crisis of people, animals and the environment.
May we cultivate the Unites States of the Earth in this era of uncertain survival of every species.

4 thoughts on “Big Screens at the President-elect Victory Speech said ‘The People have Chosen Empathy. ‘ From humble beginnings…”

  1. Donald Trump brought out the worst of America. My hope for this country, the country that I happen to live in, is that we see a gradual transformation of public opinion in the same way that we saw public opinion shift about the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. As time passed, it became clear that they were both preventable tragedies. As time passes I think that more and more Americans will see Trump as the bigoted buffoon that he is.

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