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The Decline and Renewal of Spiritual India for Westerners

In early February, 20I8, I completed my 45th year of teaching the annual retreats in India. I feel blessed to have had such an opportunity. The Buddha taught the Dharma in India for 45 years from the age of 35 years to 80 years. Continue reading 

80 reasons to love India

80 Reasons to love India, plus one


A few years ago, I was staying at the Haus Khas home in New Delhi of beloved friends, Prama and Ranji.

While there, I read their daily newspaper which offered 60 reasons why Indians can love India.

Despite the  political/social/religious/environmental isses facing India, here are 80 reasons why Westerners love India.

In alphabetical order: Continue reading 

Lewis Thompson (1909 – 1949). Hippy, Poet, India wallah,  who spent 18 years in India and died in Varanasi

A Totnes friend, Rob Brown, kindly gave to me a truly remarkable compact book, Mirror to the Light: Reflections on Consciousness and Experience by Lewis Thompson, an Englishman from Fulham, London, who died aged 40 in the scorching summer heat of Varanasi, India in 1949. Continue reading