80 reasons to love India

80 Reasons to love India, plus one


A few years ago, I was staying at the Haus Khas home in New Delhi of beloved friends, Prama and Ranji.

While there, I read their daily newspaper which offered 60 reasons why Indians can love India.

Despite the  political/social/religious/environmental isses facing India, here are 80 reasons why Westerners love India.

In alphabetical order:

  1. Ahimsa
  2. Amaji, the spiritual hugger
  3. Asighat, Varanasi
  4. Ayurveda medicine/massage
  5. Ambassador cars
  6. “Are you one person or two (partners or friends)?” Question on train to Western travellers.
  7. Arranged marriages
  8. Advaita, Arunchala, and Ramana Maharshi
  9. Auroville
  10. Auto rickshaws (gas fuelled)
  11. Backsheesh
  12. Banyon Trees
  13. Baharganj, oppposite New Delhi station
  14. Beggars – hard workers; one rupee earned for every hundred rejections
  15. Bhavagad Gita
  16. Bhajans, pujas
  17. Bodh Gaya, the place of the Buddha’s enlightenment
  18. Bollywood musicals
  19. Boys playing cricket
  20. Burning ghats in Varanasi
  21. Call to prayer of imam from minaret
  22. “Cash today. Credit tomorrow.” Sign in Varanasi shop
  23. Chai, chai wallahs and chai stalls (e.g. Ram’s chai stall, Bodh Gaya).
  24. Chaos Theory in the real world
  25. Dalai Lama
  26. Dharamsala and Tibetans
  27. Dr. Jain’s Guest House, Sarnath
  28. Electricity (Bhagwan giveth and Bhagwan taketh away).
  29. Freedom from the Raj (British Occupation)
  30. Ganga at dawn
  31. Gulab jamans
  32. Hill Stations
  33. Himalayas
  34. Hindu Gods
  35. Homeopathy
  36. Holy cows
  37. Indian classical music
  38. Indian sunsets
  39. Indian toilets
  40. Indian weddings
  41. Insight (Vipassana)Meditation
  42. Old Buddhist/Hindu suttas/sutras/books
  43. Kama Sutra
  44. Karma Yoga
  45. Katak classical dance
  46. Kumba Mela
  47. Krishna, Radha and the Gopis
  48. Krishnamurti
  49. Mahatma Gandhi
  50. Malas, incense and bells
  51. Markets for food, shawls, clothes and trinkets.
  52. Masala dhosa
  53. Meditation
  54. Micro credit
  55. Mosquito Nets
  56. Motilal Banarsidas Bookshop, Varanasi
  57. Naked sadhus with dreadlocks
  58. Neem toothpaste and tongue cleaners
  59. Nisargadatta Maharaj.”I am That.”
  60. Palm trees on long, quiet beach
  61. Plains of India
  62. Pragya Vihar Inter-Religious School, Bodh Gaya
  63. Rajasthan and Kerala (Goa for beach tourists)
  64. Rice paddies
  65. Rishikesh
  66. Saris, shawls, Nehru collars, kirta pyjamas
  67. 2nd class AC two tier train carriages
  68. Sahb Kuch Milega
  69. Shirdi Baba’s Photo in taxis
  70. Spices, red hot chilli, ginger, garam masala, tumeric for veggie food
  71. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar and Art of Living
  72. Taj Mahal and its love story
  73. Tantra art and Tantric texts
  74. Thai Monastery, Bodh Gaya and Sarnath
  75. The Buddha in Bodh Gaya and standing Buddha in Sarnath
  76. Tigers, camels, elephants, monkeys and buffaloes
  77. Vandava Shiva and Andurata Roy, (environmental activists)
  78. Vegetarian food
  79. Water, Earth, Fire films of Deepa Mehta
  80. “We deeply regret to inform you that train number ….. has been delayed.” Railway station announcement.

PS. Finally Yoga, naturally.







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  1. Great List 🙂 Bookmarked this article. Thanks a lot for sharing. Amazing! This blog is very well written and filled with useful information and inspiration information.

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