Mental Wellbeing. Herbal (Natural) Medication? Drug Prescriptions? To Relieve Stress, Anxiety, Low Mood and Pain. Part One of Two.

Part One. Herbal (Natural) Medicine. Points to Remember. 12 herbal medicines. Benefits of such medicine.

Part Two. Drug Prescriptions from a Psychiatrist (see next blog).

Five weeks of hiccups. The Cure: 30 Valerian drops and Magnesium.

I had a substantial spicy meal at home. An hour later, I engaged in lots of exercise using rip chords to expand the lungs and the breathing. A mistake. I needed to wait for at least two hours.

The metabolism converting food to energy spiralled into a chaotic state. My diaphragm went into spasms due to food and oxygen constantly colliding with each other triggering intense hiccups. …

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