Mental Wellbeing. Herbal (Natural) Medication? Drug Prescriptions? To Relieve Stress, Anxiety, Low Mood and Pain. Part One of Two.

Part One. Herbal (Natural) Medicine. Points to Remember. 12 herbal medicines. Benefits of such medicine.

Part Two. Drug Prescriptions from a Psychiatrist (see next blog).

As with conventional medication for mental health issues and pain, do not exceed the stated recommended daily dose in herbal medicine whether drops, tablets or powder.

Natural medicine has little in the way of side effects as often the case with prescribed medication from a psychiatrist.

The pharmaceutical industry spends substantial sums of money every year engaged in research to dismiss all forms of medicine except modern, Western medicine employing chemicals.

Prior to Western chemical-based medicine, humanity has engaged in natural medicine for centuries towards healing and health. Plants and diet play a significant role in mental health and healing.

Read the instructions on the packet. Keep to the daily timetable. You may experience an improved response within minutes or it may take some days to develop.

Patients tell me psychiatrists rarely mention the significance of dietary changes and benefits of plant-based medicine. A training as a doctor may only include hours or days given to the relationship of diet and health. In my conversations with psychiatrists, few know the practical steps for renewal, other than offering some suggestions rather than specific daily practices to report to the psychiatrist.

Those who make use of natural medication may have to trust in their experience of the application of such medicine rather than the doctor who relies on Western drugs or come to a mutual agreement.

Certain Corporations dismiss Herbal Medicine

Pharmaceutical companies fund research which claim to show herbal medicine can cause liver damage, kidney damage, contains chemicals, contains metals and reacts if people take natural medicine with drugs.

If this is the situation, then since millions get benefit from herbal medicine, there must a percentage of people who have suffered immensely due to herbal medicine.

Those who have suffered a great deal from herbal medicine would receive $$$millions in compensation. It is hard to find court reports of hundreds/thousands of cases worldwide of severe damage to health and impending deaths due to taking herbal medicine.

The largest settlements reached between the United States Department of Justice and medical companies included the civil (False Claims Act) settlement and criminal fine. Glaxo’s $3 billion settlement included the largest civil False Claims Act settlement on record. Pfizer’s $2.3 billion ($3.5 billion in 2022) settlement including a record-breaking $1.3 billion criminal fine. Large medical companies seem determined to maximise profit and have total control over the market. It is not surprising that public confidence in the industry is not high while companies endeavour to reduce public confidence in natural medicine.

If uncertain about medication, chemical drugs or herbal medicine, please Google for as much information as possible or ask someone to do research.

Be mindful of fear tactics against chemical drugs or herbal medicine.

Here are examples of 10 natural medications (tablets/drops) for Stress, Anxiety and Pain. You may be able to find some of these products in Holland and Barrett (UK’s largest health food chain) or online on Amazon. Read the Amazon reviews.

Ten Herbal (Natural) Medicines as Aids to Reduce Stress, Anxiety, Depression and Pain.


  1. Cannabi Relief. Best from The Netherlands. Anxiety, pain, sleep.
  2. Ginseng to boost immunity, brain function, and energy levels.
  3. High Strength 5htp Tablets. Serotonin Supplements |
  4. Kalms Day – Temporary relief of symptoms associated with stress
  5. Nelsons Rescue Remedy Dropper – Flower Essences, Comfort and Reassure, Emotional Wellness and Balance.
  6. Organic Ashwagandha Capsules – 1000mg Ashwagandha Root Powder per Serving. High strength herbal supplement.
  7. Valerian 337mg – Capsules to reduce mild anxiety and aid sleep.
  8. Valerian Root & Lemon Balm – Magnesium for Nervous System Support & Zinc to Protect Cells from Oxidative Stress.
  9. Valley Health Hemp Oil Drops. Inflammation Stress. Anxiety. Sleep. Pain Relief.
  10. Vogel Dormeasan Sleep Valerian-Hops Oral Drops | Sleeping Aid |
  11. Vogel Passiflora Complex drops – with Passionflower Extract – 50ml
  12. Vogel Stress Relief Daytime Oral Drops – Valerian Complex – 50ml

Benefits of Herbal (Natural) Medicine

  1. Easier to obtain than prescription medicine
  2. Less dependency
  3. Little or no side effects
  4. Natural healing.
  5. Stabilizes hormones
  6. Supports metabolism (the change from food to energy) 
  7. Strengthens immune system from outside invaders.




PS. Cannot recall using prescription drugs. In the summer of 2016, I took Valerian drops, which proved to be a successful treatment for severe hiccups over five weeks.

Five weeks of hiccups. The Cure: 30 Valerian drops and Magnesium.

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