Bye, Bye Boris. A Prediction and Concern for the British Prime Minister

People impose a substantial reality upon the concepts of winning and losing. The media and the public talk incessantly after a general election about winners and losers. …

Democracy needs Proportional Representation. We are still waiting in Britain

If Britain had a democracy in proportion to the votes, the election on 8the June 2017 would have produced a dramatically different result.

A comprehensive democracy is not coming to the UK. Essentially, we have a  two party state instead.

Will Adolf Hitler eventually win World War Two? State/Corporate Control and the Refugee Crisis. Part Two of Two

Will Adolf Hitler eventually win World War 2?

Are we getting closer to 1930’s Fascism?

What shows wisdom and compassion

in this global refugee crisis?



Prison Labour in the USA

US Politics and the Far Right

The Manipulation of Democracy


Steps towards supporting asylum seekers and refugees

What can other Western countries learn from the German organisational approach?

Final Word

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