Sixteen Reasons why Vaccinations and Human Behaviour cannot offer Full Protection against Covid-19. The global pandemic will haunt most countries, perhaps all, on this Earth for years to come.

Medical scientists and the pharmaceutical industry tell us week after week of the importance of getting a vaccination against Covid-19 and its variants. Research shows that the jab proves to be 90% effective or more. That is to be truly welcomed.

That amounts to nine out of 10 people. That still leaves in the UK with a population of more than 60 million some six million people for whom the vaccination does not work so well – if all adults in the country had the jab.

Vaccinations reduce the impact of the virus and the numbers requiring hospital care and emergency treatment. Infections from Covid can still affect daily life in numerous ways for varying lengths of time without needing to go to hospital. Vaccinations have saved countless lives but it requires far more focus for health and mental well-being than putting so much faith in jabs.

Three days ago, Israel’s Health Ministry announced that two doses of Pfizer’s coronavirus vaccine were only 64 per cent effective in handling the Delta variant compared to 94% before the Delta variant. Delta variant is responsible for 95% of new Covid cases in the UK.

We cannot rely upon widespread vaccination of a vast percentage of the population to return life back to the days of before the global pandemic. Far too many governments, politicians, medical scientists and vaccine companies have created an impression for the public the jab will end the impact of the epidemic without needing a genuine social/cultural change. Variants make a mockery of such claims.

Sixteen Reasons why Vaccinations and Human Behaviour cannot offer Full Protection against the Global Pandemic

  1. British government gave permission for 60,000 spectators, many yelling, shouting and hugging at Wembley Euro cup matches, plus packed pubs, venues and travel. More than 400,000 may have sat close together to watch Wimbledon tennis. It looks like a gamble with the nation’s health.
  2. Contact tracing finds people to tell them to isolate as they have been in contact with a person tested positive. Such people have to go into isolation immediately. They may not go into isolation at all, so they may go onto spread Covid.
  3. Droplets can travel more than two metres.
  4. Droplets hang in the air inside for up to three hours including toilets, bathrooms, corridors and kitchens.
  5. Lateral flow tests (use of the long, cotton bud up the nose to test people) do not have a 100% success rate.
  6. Millions of masks, made of thin cotton, enable the droplets to pass through the mask when speaking, shouting or sneezing or pass through the mask from somebody else. Top quality masks cannot offer 100% protection to oneself or others.
  7. More than 5 million people in Britain have or had Covid-19. One in five aged over 70 have had Covid-19 despite 90% vaccination of the elderly in the past six months.
  8. One in 20 people in the UK experience long Covid lasting 12 weeks or more. Some experience month after month a long, chronic and debilitating condition with little or no relief.
  9. People can carry still carry the virus, spread it, without experiencing symptoms themselves. One in three infected people had no symptoms initially and did not know they were infecting people. Some don’t care.
  10. People think they only have the common cold and spread the Covid-19, despite having one or two jabs, which may lead to long Covid for some people.
  11. People do not wear a mask at home.
  12. Poor airflow and closed windows in shops, factories and offices increase likelihood of infection.
  13. Poor diet, high blood pressure, sickness, heart problems, cancer etc increase vulnerability to infection from the virus.
  14. Booster jabs may well take place in the future confirming limits of effectiveness of current two jabs per person.
  15. Vaccinations are not 100% safe for everybody.
  16. Variants continue to infect citizens. There are more than 216,000 cases of the Delta variant in the UK this week so far. Four people were identified with this variant four months ago. Last week, the UK experienced a rise of 55,000 cases in a week. At the current rate, numbers of infected people could reach one million  in August 2021. There are more people in the UK infected with the Delta variant than in the whole of the EU. 128,000 UK citizens have died from Covid-19 – one of the highest death tolls in the world,

The vaccination makes a valid contribution to keeping the pandemic in check for millions living in nations who can afford the vaccines and have the clout to buy the vaccines.

We also need a radical change in lifestyle. Fossil fuel companies, huge sporting stadiums, grandiose shopping centres, factory food industry, foreign holidays and cramped housing/working conditions for the nation’s poor and the rest of the world’s poor have become the equivalent of 21st century dinosaurs.

The global pandemic will not go away due to the infectious nature of the virus, appearance of new variants, the contracted mind-set of people in power and the behaviour/lifestyle of citizens. The global pandemic will haunt most countries, perhaps all, on this Earth for years to come.

Let local communities work together to find solutions and share with others wise steps forward.

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4 thoughts on “Sixteen Reasons why Vaccinations and Human Behaviour cannot offer Full Protection against Covid-19. The global pandemic will haunt most countries, perhaps all, on this Earth for years to come.”

  1. Christopher
    Please update. IT is NOT a vaccine. And NOBODY was immunised, innoculated or saved by a jab or four.
    You seem to have fallen hook, line and sinker a year ago. How now?

  2. Awesome Christopher. You have really researched it all so well. It’s great to hear what the situation is like in the UK as we don’t always get told in Australia. I love your perpective on it all. It’s very refreshing.
    Many thanks.

  3. Betty Friendly

    i worked in a mobile vaccine team that staryedin Dec20 to visit senior care homes. We were often surprised to see how many female care workets did not want to be vaccinated. I feel jobs in public sectors dealing with humans daily must be forced to get vaccinated or else be terminated. There is no sense of “one for all and all for one” , which occasionally must be enforced by the goverment for the common good. It is rather hopeless i feel, and scientific data has not made it easier with a lot of contradictory information.

    1. “…must be forced….” !!! How very unfriendly of you Betty Friendly.
      A year on from your comment……has your view changed?

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