Six Reflections to Wake Up our Life. Join our Zoom course starting Saturday17 June 2023

We need time to reflect instead of constant thinking about ourselves, about our likes and dislikes. We get immersed in views about others, money, work and state of the Earth.

Join our current Buddha Wisdom Series on Six Reflections.


A 70-90 minute session every Saturday morning (UK time at 7 am)  for our five week course.

Teacher. Christopher Titmuss (the Buddha Wallah) and senior Dharma teacher.

Assistant teacher. Suchitra Shenoy of India.

Here are Six Reflections.

Yes, you are right It is a Buddhist language but each reflection stands worthy of translation into contemporary English.

  1. The Buddha
  2. The Dharma
  3. The Sangha
  4. The Gods and Angels
  5. Ethics
  6. Giving

The Buddha means Awakened. As human beings on this Earth, we remain vulnerable to sleepwalking though the field of existence. Our reality becomes immersed in stress, disappointment, blame, fear and more.  What do we need to wake up from? Who and what are we taking for granted? Unresolved stuff, reactivity and problematic act like dark clouds over the sunshine. Reflection, mindfulness and reflection contribute to receptivity to what is deep.

The Dharma means that which gives support. Teachings and practices confirm two expressions of support. Who and what supports our daily life? Do we have practices, tools and resources to keep us alert, engaged and awake? What do we need to develop? What do we need to let go of? What support can we offer others?

The Sangha means Network/Community.  With whom do we share our experiences and learn from? We imagine we have to handle our challenges alone or only with family or a friend or two. Perhaps such people do not know how to respond. This requires reaching out beyond those known to us and share/listen with others.

The Gods and Angels include the wise and the pure in heart. Far too many have made people in Hollywood, sports stars and other public figures into Gods. These reflections recognise the authentic Gods in our daily life. Perhaps our Gods begin with our parents assuming they loved  us and supported our welfare as much as possible. The Gods include those who gave us the courage to take risks and go beyond the contractions of our mind. We meet angels – the pure in heart, deeply kind and undemanding. The world needs Gods and Angels. Do we need to find them?

Ethics refers to the practice of non-harm and non-exploitation. Ethics bring into focus actions of body, speech and mind. Ethics include awareness and exploration of good/evil/right/wrong/for and against in a wise and compassionate way. Ethics sees the danger of setting up one view against the other rather than engagement and resolution.

Giving reveals a deep connection with people, creatures and the environment. We can give our skills, energy, presence, love, time, knowledge, money and more. The act of giving shows an expansive heart and freedom of the mind to support, donate, share rather than hold into. Kindness and giving reveals an offering that benefits one and the many.

The session consists of a short talk, guided meditation, 40 minutes for group sharing/questions and summary.

Registration Charge and Donations

We request a registration charge of £26.00 for the five weeks. This cost helps support ongoing administration and office expenses. From time to time, we requestion a donation to support daily life expenses of the teacher.

If undecided about joining, you can attend the first session and pay the registration before the second session.

We record the Zoom sessions so they are available.

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We look forward to seeing you.

A few words can change a life.


Christopher and Suchitra


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