Seven Questions/Reflections/Sharing on Emotions

Emotions consist of a meeting or sometimes a collision of various factors which intensify feelings.

Intensification of feelings can contribute to generating a healthy heart, healthy mind and a healthy body. Happiness, bliss, laughter, love, a thrill, passion and enthusiasm have the potential for immense benefits in an appropriate context.

Unhealthy emotions, such as fear, jealousy, anger, rage, anxiety contribute to much suffering.

Emotions can include all or some memory, energy, likes, dislikes, feelings, thoughts, stories, perceptions and a range of influences outside of ourselves and within.

We can dry up in the passage of time if we neglect our feelings and emotions. A clear signal of this reveals in loss of empathy for others and more.

Here are Seven Questions for the Exploration of Emotions

  1. What emotions, healthy or unhealthy, do you need to share with another(s) for insight and understanding?
  2. Are you mindful of emotions arising, staying and passing?
  3. What emotions lead to problematic desires or demands?
  4. What situations can trigger the strongest emotions?
  5. Is there space around your emotions or a contraction?
  6. What emotions influence your actions?
  7. What emotions do you appreciate and recognise as healthy?

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