Science and the Mind of the Scientist

James Watson, the 79 year-old American, the winner of the Nobel Prize for his part in the establishing the model of the molecular structure of DNA, said last month in a newspaper interview:


“All our social policies are based on the fact that their (African) intelligence is the same as ours – whereas all the testing says not really.”


He said there was a natural desire that all human beings should be equal but “people who have to deal with black employees find this is not true.”


It would seem to me it would be far more creative and productive to question the scientific models and the models determination of intelligence and reason that views one group of people from one location on the Earth as having more intelligence and another less from another location.


Judging by events of the 20th century and the beginnings of the New Millennium, it is hardly a sound argument for intelligence and reason being at a higher level according to DNA.


Western ‘intelligence’ has been involved in world wars, use of atomic bombs, weapons of mass destruction, international arms trade, exploitation of cheap labour around the world, endless experiments on animals, violent abuse of resources, loss of habitat and species and a way of life that now threatens the entire eco system through industrialization and rapacious forms of greed, hate and delusion.


Africa is poorer today than it was 50 years ago. Violence, sickness and corruption in the African continent has much in common with the West. Obesity and scarcity are two sides of the same issue.


Intelligence and reason? One has more and one has less?


Dr. Watson is entitled to his views. It would be far more beneficial if he concentrated on exploring the similarities and differences of sentient beings in various environments or simply keep to computer modules of DNA structure where he has his expertise.


It seems to me the first step would be for Dr. Watson to define what this frequently used scientific concept “intelligence” and “reason” actually means. The second step would be for Dr. Watson to question his assumptions that go with his views. Thirdly, he needs to examine his view on the leap he makes from his current genetic hypothesis to making gross generalities about black employees.


Science and the mind of some scientific interpreters go together like religion and some religious believers. Science and religion has more in common than it is willing to admit. There is no science without it passing through the mind of the scientist. There is no religion without it passing through the mind of the religionist.


Stay awake.







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  1. Christopher–

    You got it! Your list of the accomplishments of Western ‘intelligence’ leaves me wondering if, were it to be presented to someone deluded by it, would be saying: “Hey, you left off motor cars and comfortableness.”

    So if we’re so smart, why then are we now turning to the wisdoms of indigenous peoples for solutions to the problems we’ve created for ourselves–indigenous people such as aboriginal Afrikaners.

    Edwin “heartfulSoul” Holloway, Founder,
    Somatic Meditation and Healing Collective
    Make friends with your feelings;
    they might know someOne.

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