Recipe for Barista style Oat Milk. Part 2 of 2

Part Two

Rather than buy Oatley oatmilk (see Part 1 of 2), I decided to make oat milk at home. I googled recipes for barista style oat milk and experimented with online suggestions.

A barista oat milk takes only a few minutes to prepare – with no soaking needed of oats or cashew nuts.


  • 75 ml (one quarter of a mug) of cashew nuts
  • I tablespoon of maple syrup or five dates (without stones)
  • I pinch of Himalayan salt
  • I tablespoon of natural extra virgin rapseed oil
  • 300 ml (one mug) of rolled, organic oats, preferably locally grown.
  • 900 ml (three mugs) of cold, filtered water
  • One nut milk bag
  • One bowl

To Make Barista Oat Milk

  • Place cashew nuts in a small blender until nuts are fine, almost like sand.
  • Place three mugs of water into main blender.
  • Add blended cashew nuts,
  • Add tablespoon of rapseed oil
  • Add tablespoon of maple syrup or dates
  • Add pinch of salt
  • Turn on blender for several seconds to blend contents
  • Turn off blender and then add a mug of oats
  • Turn on blender for up to 30 seconds.

Pour blended contents into nut milk bag while slowly squeeze all oat milk into bowl.

Transfer oat milk from bowl into a litre bottle with cap

Make a coffee or tea.

Shake bottle of oat milk well.

Put milk first in cup and slowly pour coffee or tea on top.

Healthy. Delicious.

Enjoy the taste.

PS.  Home-made barista oat milk costs less than half the price of a carton of Oatley. No shipping, no cartons, no waste, no contribution to Donald Trump’s election campaign. Right after use, place your bottle of oat milk in fridge to keep it fresh for four days or more. Mind you, look at items used….


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