Psychedelics and Meditation: Theories, Evidence, and Future Directions. A Talk by Marco Schlosser

Marco Schlosser offers a thoughtful 90-minute talk with summary/bullet points on screen on meditation, psychedelics and more. Marcus encourages exploration of the meditation experience and looks at current research on psychedelics. His talk is a contribution to understanding the dynamics of meditation in the context of contemporary views and points the way forward.

His talk explores the relationship between meditation and psychedelic practice. How could psychedelics increase the range, depth, and subtlety of meditation practices? And how can meditation practices contribute to preparing, shaping, and integrating psychedelic experiences?

To begin answering these complex questions, I will invite us to playfully inquire how some of the views that characterise present-day discourses on meditation and psychedelics could limit rather than open practice possibilities and freedoms. Any practice is embedded in a framework, and any framework is steeped in a set of assumptions and beliefs.

Rather than framing this as a problem to be overcome, we will ask: How does our commitment to certain views – whether consciously adopted or unconsciously inherited – participate in shaping how we perceive ourselves and the world?

I will review existing research on psychedelic use in meditation training and conclude by proposing questions and future directions for this field.


Bio: Marco Schlosser
Marco works as a researcher at University College London and investigates the impact of meditation training on mental health and well-being. Marco is dedicated to the Dharma and meditation. He enjoys contributing to visions of retreat centres of the future. You can follow his work at


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