A Heart’s Capital Investment in Burma

 A couple of years ago, I had the privilege of joining Hal Nathan (from Inverness in the Bay area of San Francisco) on a motorcycle venture from a small town in the far north of Thailand to enter Burma. We travelled on the back of two motorbikes and made our way into a Burmese refugee camp just inside Burma – avoiding the check points and army posts to enter Burma. …

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God is Dead. Darwinism is God

It seems to me that all institutional explanations, no mater how well reasoned out and no matter how many subscribe to the view, have their shadows. Heavy shadows. Darwinism is no exception even as scientists claim an ongoing pursuit of truth. It would be healthy to take seriously the wise counsel of the Buddha who said that “one preserves truth by stating ‘this is my view.’” (Middle Length Discourses).


Scientists, economists, politicians, business community and citizens, are left with Charles Darwin’s shadow, namely a belief in competition, progress, survival, priority of self interest, and the Western mind as the pinnacle of evolution. Our schoolchildren are brainwashed into these views.

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Business as Usual in Burma

When Cyclone Nargis struck the Irrawaddy Delta in Burma leaving more than 130,000 dead and two million homeless, we knew the response of the rulers of Burma – “business as usual.”  Nations around the world, aid agencies, NGO organisations and countless individuals were ready to act.  We were naïve if we thought the Burmese rulers would relax their control over Burma. Compassion is not high on the agenda of the government. …

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Who Wrote the Poem?

 I have been putting together the poems I have written over the past decade or so. There are probably around 130 – 160 of them on a variety of themes familiar to most poets, as well as daily life. Love, impermanence, suffering, time, reality, death, mystery, truth. …

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When the unbearable becomes the unspoken …

I have little regard for the nation state. We, humans, have imposed this construct on the Earth without a single scrap of evidence to show that the earth itself gives support to this political ideology. It is an idealogy fuelled with human tendencies to uphold the view of ‘self’ of the nation. Self breeds other – those who are for us and those who are against us. It is a crude, arrogant, if not violent mental construct. We think, speak and act as if there were real countries with real differences between one so-called nation and another. Nationalism and internationalism tells us little about true reality and tell us far more about the deceptive nature of thought and views.

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