Capitalism – a pathology of the mind

When I purchased my home in 1982, there were clear regulations to determine the agreement between the bank and myself. It was very simple. I had to provide the bank a minimum deposit of 20% and the bank agreed to allow me to borrow a maximum of 2 1/2 times my annual income in order to repay the bank back over a 25 year period. …

Gaia House celebrates 25 years

Accompanied by my seven year-old grandson, Kye, and beloved friend, Anne Ashton, a former director of Gaia House, I enjoyed a few hours at Gaia house recently to join in the celebration of 25 years since the opening of Gaia house in 1983. Gaia House invited me to attend the daylong event. …

Think of Me – From Robert Hudson on Death Row, Texas

Here is one of Robert Hudson’s poems


When the night falls
and you feel sad and grim
feeling so lonely as
the night grows dim
think of me in my lonely cell
smiling as I dream about a
life from this certain hell:
of things that will never be
of places I will never see
to people I will never talk

The French Yatra – a sacred engagement

The great passion of life manifests itself in movement. We express ourselves in a silent and intimate way with the nature through walking, not with a specific destination in mind, rather, the sacred engagement in the act itself. We formed a long single line with 120 of us participating collectively in a step-by-step activity beneath the immense umbrella of the sky above and the rolling, winding pathways, as we guided ourselves among the hills of the Pyrenees earlier this month. …

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