The French Yatra – a sacred engagement

The great passion of life manifests itself in movement. We express ourselves in a silent and intimate way with the nature through walking, not with a specific destination in mind, rather, the sacred engagement in the act itself. We formed a long single line with 120 of us participating collectively in a step-by-step activity beneath the immense umbrella of the sky above and the rolling, winding pathways, as we guided ourselves among the hills of the Pyrenees earlier this month. …

A small incident – a larger truth

A small incident reveals a larger truth. Last month, a family connection, a 17 year-old, started her first job in the local Morrisons Supermarket, a major supermarket chain, in Totnes, Devon, UK. She worked in the cafeteria.

The Buddha on Making Money



I am putting together brief reviews for a future Dharma e-News of my 10 favourite books that are a commentary on the Buddha’s teachings. As I voluminous reader (a page a minute), I love most of all the Pali Suttas, so superbly translated by Bhikkhu Bodhi. All of the books of the various Buddhist traditions herald back to these Suttas. I have just ordered from Wisdom Publications and received a copy of The Buddha’s Teachings on Prosperity at Home, at Work, in the World by Bhikkhu Basnagoda Rahula. It immediately finds a place in my Top 10. …

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