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A quiet revolution of values continues in Totnes, England….

The quiet revolution continues in Totnes, Devon, a small rural town in the west country of England.  I returned in late February from five weeks in India. Upon returning home, I picked up some of the flyers around the town.  Without wishing to  give the town any kind of special self-existence, Totnes continues to be willing to embark on various journeys of transition and change.   Continue reading 

Libyan leader, Col. Gadaffi needs to read a play of William Shakespeare

Libyan leader, Colonel Muammar Gadaffi, the self appointed leader (not the president he says)  should find some time in his sleepless hours in his remote ivory tower in Tripoli, Libya’s capital, to read Coriolanus, William Shakespeare’s play. The play explores subsequent events when a leader shows no respect for his people. Continue reading 

Dear Citizens of the Arab nations, We are also tired of our governments

We, the so-called democratic nations, are thoroughly tired of our power hungry leaders, bankers obsessed with money, no matter how great the debt, and media barons repressing information. Continue reading 

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