I asked a friend. Why do you want to live in Totnes and South Devon, England?

A Dharma friend moved from southern France to Totnes in south Devon, England at the beginning of the year. For several years, he spent some months living in a lovely Dharma centre in France and some months a year in India. I have lived in Totnes for 30 years.

Why would he want to move to Totnes and south Devon? What does south Devon have to offer? 

  • Alternative schools,
  • Arcturus Complementary Medicine, Therapy and Health Care.
  • Birth Hub. Holistic
  • Buddhafield Festival, July 17-21 (Christopher’s 8th year of offering Dharma)
  • Buddhist practices
  • Camping with meditation
  • Centre for Energy and Environment
  • Community Land Trust
  • Consciousness Cafe,
  • Counselling Courses
  • Dartington Trust
  • Detox and Dream workshops
  • Eco home building
  • Eco Trades
  • Embercombe –  enquiry and action for a sustainable world
  • Environmentally conscious (Government minister said what happens in Totnes will follow elsewhere)
  • Ethic investments
  • Ethical banking
  • Fairtrade Hemp Clothing
  • Fairtrade programme
  • Festivals (around 30) in Devon between March and August, 2013
  • Gaia House meditation centre
  • Gestalt Therapy Courses
  • Green campaigners
  • Green Party
  • Healers,
  • Independent coffee shops,
  • LETS Market (exchange goods and services without using money)
  • Low-impact in High Nature
  • Macrobiotic Training
  • Mind/body workers,
  • Most home births per capita,
  • Natural beekeeping
  • Natural health centre,
  • Night Running on Dartmoor
  • Organic farms,
  • Organic gardens
  • Permaculture
  • Person centred expressive art
  • Playback theatre
  • Pregnancy and Post Natal Circles for mothers and fathers
  • Psychotherapy
  • Quest, natural health and culture festival.
  • Raw chocolate making –
  • Renewable energy society
  • Retreat centres,
  • Reusable furniture
  • Schumacher College,
  • Sharpham House,
  • Solar PV systems
  • Sophrology – study of consciousness in harmony
  • Steiner Academy
  • The Barn for rural retreats
  • The Barrel coffee shop.
  • Therapists,
  • Totnes Workhub – office environment for self employed
  • Training for Green jobs
  • Transition town, Totnes. A model launched  in Totnes and adopted in hundreds of places worldwide
  • Vegan workshops
  • Vegetable growing classes
  • Vegetarian restaurants
  • Vehicle conversion to near zero emissions
  • Village wind turbine project
  • Writing Courses
  • Yogafest
  • Yurt Camping

Plus music, lots and lots of it, dance, walks, theatre,, documentaries, drawing, painting, storytelling,  world cinema and much, much more.

Why would anyone want to live in south Devon? Why would anyone want to visit and perhaps participate in one of the above events?

Check out www.reconnectonline.co.uk

 May all beings live in harmony



1 thought on “I asked a friend. Why do you want to live in Totnes and South Devon, England?”

  1. Thanks Christopher, this is an excellent resource.
    Totnes sounds a great place.
    I am very interested though hesitant, is it a place only for middle-aged wealthy folk with property and few other worries. How about for the younger 20s / 30s generation – is there much work: on the land or other part-time work?
    In your opinion, what are the possibilities / opportunities to relocate to the town: where would you recommend to look as the first port of call? Do you have an idea on average rents for a room in a shared house?

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