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Buddhafield – Dharmafield



I attended last week for the fourth year the annual Buddhafield Festival, near Taunton, Devon, UK, about an hour north of Totnes. Organised by the FWBO (Friends of the Western Buddhist Order), the festival shifted this year to a new nearby location to accommodate the growing interest in the festival. Numbers increased from 2000 to 3000 participants for the five day event. Continue reading 

The Stink of the Rotten Fish….

I have the dubious privilege of a mortgage on my terraced house, built in 1938, in Totnes, Devon, England. Twenty five years ago, I received from various dharma friends some £5,000 to put down as a deposit on the house that cost around £25,000. Continue reading 


Peter McG, guardian angel of my home in Totnes, Nshorna, her three kids, Kye, D’nae, Milan, and myself parked ourselves in the front room on Saturday afternoon at 16.45 to watch on BBC television the semi –finals of the 100 metres in the UK trials in Birmingham, England, for the Olympic Games in August.

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Do you want to start a ….

A friend, Patrick Cooper, has offered to rent to us for use for Dharma purposes a 10 bedroom house with around a couple of acres of land situated in Glasbury, just inside Wales, near Hay-on-Wye in Herefordshire. Continue reading 

Behind Closed Doors of a Science Laboratory

We keep hearing from scientists about the significance of stem cell research. Stories regularly appear in the media of breakthroughs that will enable medical scientists to provide medication to stimulate the cells in the brain to reverse Alzheimer’s disease or arrest Parkinson’s disease. It is only a matter of time, we are told. Continue reading