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The Sickness of Capitalism

Week in and week, we read of the crisis in capitalism, an ideology used to support big business, power and privilege for the few, economic growth and maximisation of profit on investments . Continue reading 

Favourite Songs of Bob Dylan

In May 1966, my editor sent me to interview Bob Dylan in the Mayfair Hotel in London. There were about 15 reporters in the room. You can see a clip filmed in the hotel room in the Dylan documentary of the 1966 tour “Eat the Document” on You Tube. I still have the cutting in my scrapbook. I recall it wasn’t easy. Continue reading 

An Incredible Dana

I read a remarkable article in the magazine of Singapore Airlines on a recent flight about a Theravada Buddhist monk from Sri Lanka who donated part of his liver for a liver transplant operation and gave a kidney to another person in desperate need. Continue reading 

The Buddha would squirm at such a responsibility …

My three grandchildren are of mixed heritage – Caribbean-British. My eldest grandchild was born from my precious daughter, Nshorna, a 19 year-old teenage mother.  Her name is from American Indian for “Spring.” An excellent age, incidentally, to give birth. Along with countless others, I appreciated last week the election of  Barack Obama. He is a man of mixed heritage, born from a teenage pregnancy, with his roots in Africa, lived in  Indonesia and educated in Hawaii (subjected to a 19th century conquest by the USA). Continue reading 

The Challenge of Self-Employment

I belong to the army of self employed – although I prefer non-self employed. In October, 2008, I gave a one day workshop at the Bodhi Garden in Brighton, Sussex, England on Right Livelihood and self employment.


Here are my notes for the workshop Continue reading