On Loss, Grief and Liberation. A review of The Magnamimous Heart by Narayan Liebenson


Compassion & Love, Loss & Grief, Joy & Liberation

Narayan Liebenson’

Wisdom Publications, USA

ISBN 978-1-61429-485-6

Human beings have to deal with loss and grief when deeply loved people and animals leave our world.  Some experience immense anguish at the death or impending death of a loved one.

This book makes clear to readers that life is not a picnic. It regularly challenges us to stay calm and clear in the face of immense adversity.

Narayan’s book draws on three major areas – first hand experience, the uncompromising teachings of the Buddha and the significance of finding a deathless liberation.

Based in Cambridge, Mass, USA, Narayan is a much-loved senior Dharma/Insight Meditation teacher with a wealth of experience in the Zen tradition.

Liberation matters far more than the application of a range of techniques to reduce stress and help us overcome grief. As a transcendent element, liberation puts our life and the lives of others into a proper perspective. Authentic freedom embraces life and death.

Narayan’s book explores the conventional world of impermanence, loss and grief and what stands beyond these designations.

Her book is a meditation on life, death and beyond. The Magnanimous Heart needs to be read and reflected on. It ought to be on the bookshelf at home.

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