Nshorna, my daughter, has launched a bold initiative to offer Mindfulness to reduce domestic violence. Please donate to her Crowdfunding appeal or Paypal, via her website

Two days ago, Nshorna, my daughter, launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise money to offer mindfulness courses to vulnerable children, individual and families.

She has started a bold initiative to support youngsters and adults subjected to domestic violence.

Drawing on her 20 years of experience with the National Health Service (NHS) and social services in Devon, London and Bedfordshire,  she has created the Mindfulness Support Service (MSS).

With the encouragement of social services, local authorities and police commissioners, Nshorna has set up a not for profit community interest organisation for victims of abuse.

Her first Mindfulness starts in November (2019) in the area where she lives of Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire

She is co-ordinating a team of experienced mindfulness teachers to offer weekly workshops over eight weeks  develop tools to enable recovery and prevention from trauma and abuse.

An Appeal for Donations

I am asking you to give her support.

She wishes to raise £4230.00 ($5250.00, €4780, AS 7750, 18,400 shekels), to set up the core overhead costs including data base, administration, insurance and rent of office space.

Local government has kindly provided Nshorna with a free office for three months and other levels of support. She has received her first grant and currently awaiting results of her other applications for grants.

Please offer a donation to support her wonderful initiative.

There are two ways you can offer

  1. You can donate directly through her Crowdfunding page. You simply use your Visa card or a similar card to fill in the form. You can transfer money this way from any country.


  1. You can use Paypal to transfer money to support her project. All you donations from your Paypal account to her website will go direct towards her fund-raising appeal. You do not need a Paypal account to transfer by Paypal. You can use your Visa card with Paypal and send.


In the first two days of her appeal, Nshorna has received around 10% of the £4230.00 from family and friends.

The practice of mindfulness offers the skills to observe reactivity, work with emotions and track thinking.

Mindfulness contributes to calm and equanimity. It decreases anxiety levels, develops emotional processing and cultivates empathy for others.

Participants in courses will also receive counsel on necessary steps to take when faced with abuse.

The organisation has four core aims:

  • Prevent the short-term and long-term effects on children
  • Prevent survivors from returning to abusive relationships
  • Prevent perpetrators from reoffending
  • Prevent the generational cycle of abuse from reoccurring by supporting youth identified as at risk of perpetrating violence.

Nshorna has established a board of five directors with a wealth of experience in social services or, as in my case, author and leader of mindfulness programmes. All the directors freely offer our skills.

The directors will advise Mindfulness Support Service in every aspect of the organisation.

I am also the senior consultant for MSS on the application of mindfulness, meditation and reflection. Ulla Koenig, who offers course in Stuttgart, Germany to prisoners, refugees and vulnerable people,  is also a consultant.

Children and adults subjected to domestic violence desperately need practical support.

Over the next year or two, we plan to develop Mindfulness courses for beginners, children, youth, women, men, families, perpetrators of abuse, plus  courses to develop communication skills.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you for your donation.




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