Noble Eightfold Path. An Overview. Three Sessions. Saturday 11 December 2021

You are invited to join our workshop on Saturday 11 December 2021. The Zoom gathering consists of a depth of overview of the Noble Eightfold Path and the Goal, guided meditation, meditation instructions and question and answer session on the Path and Goal.

Suitable for experienced meditators and beginners.

I will refer briefly to each of the links in the Introduction.

If you wish, you are welcome to join our monthly zoom day long (three 60-minute sessions) starting in January 2022. I will address one link per month over the eight months.

MindfulSpace in Israel hosts the monthly training course. See below for website and to make contact by email. Go to website to enrol. There is a modest registration charge plus invitation for donation (dana) on the day.

The Buddha invited us to address every major area of our life hence a comprehensive approach to the spiritual life.  He did not make mindfulness or meditation the heart of the teaching but as two notable features of the Path.

The Buddhist tradition and the recent tradition of Western Mindfulness/Meditation has highlighted the two final links, sometimes at the expense of a full path of exploration and transformation.

The Buddha gave a precise definition for each of the links to contribute to a rich and fulfilled life.

Do join our Course

I will encourage all participants to give priority to the theme of the month, keep a diary of experiences around the theme.

The teachings are practices are suitable for everyone – people with any religious, spiritual or secular priority.

Every participant in the Course will receive a PDF titled Buddha Study Guide. You will find supportive words of the Buddha and reflections in the Guide.

Saturday 11.12.2021
The first day of teaching will take place on December 11th. Its includes three sessions:

Meditation Instructions/Guided Meditation
9 am – 10 am. Israel time.
8 am CET (Central Europe Time)

Questions and Answers/Sharing
4 pm – 5 pm Israel time.
3 pm – 4 pm CET

Talk on Meditation/Q and A.

8 pm – 9 pm Israel time
7 pm – 8 pm CET


The Buddha make a radical shift from the view of the yogis in ancient India. The yogis engaged in the yoga of meditation, especially the posture (asana) of sitting cross-legged to achieve liberation and enlightenment.

Spiritual India took a widely accepted view that through sitting meditation the yogi burnout their old karma and did not create any new karma until they reached liberation.

The Buddha asked a yogi three poignant questions:

How much karma have you worked out?
How much have you left to go?
How will you know when you have no karma left?

The yogi could not answer.

The Buddha taught the Noble Eightfold Path towards a fulfilled and liberated way of life.

The Path leaves no stone unturned. The eight links are:

  1. Right Understanding/View
  2. Right Intention
  3. Right Speech
  4. Right Action
  5. Right Livelihood/Lifestyle
  6. Right Effort/Creative Energy
  7. Right Mindfulness
  8. Right Meditative Concentration.

Days of Teaching. Overview followed by exploration of one link per month.

2021. 11.12. 

2022. 8.1, 12.2, 12.3, 9.4, 7.5, 11.6, 9.7, 13.8

Look forward to seeing you.



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