Myself? Yourself? What self?

Lots of views about the self (or ‘I’) arise.

Every view of the self, of I, might seem real or some views seem real at the time.

We might express a few or many of them.

Here are 35 views. Read slowly, please.

  1. The self (or I am) is inside the body
  2. The self is one with the body
  3. The self is different from the body
  4. The self is the same as the body-mind.
  5. The self is not the same as body-mind
  6. The self is more than the body-mind
  7. The self starts harmless and harmful actions
  8. The self experiences the results of harmless and harmful activities
  9. The self is constantly changing
  10. The self always feels the same
  11. It is the same self in the past as in the present
  12. It is a different self in the present than in the past
  13. The self in the present depends upon the past
  14. The self in the present does not depend upon the past
  15. The past self and the present self are not the same and not different
  16. The self sees the self
  17. The self sees the non-self
  18. The non-self sees the self
  19. The non-self sees the non-self
  20. The self sees no self
  21. No self sees no self.
  22. Views about the self show what is true
  23. Views about the self show what is false
  24. Views about the self show some are true and some are false
  25. The self can make choices at any time
  26. The self cannot make choices at any time
  27. The self can make some choices sometimes and not at other times
  28. The self can develop, stay the same or regress
  29. The self in the future can be different to the self in the present or past
  30. The self in the future cannot be different from the present
  31. The self in the future cannot be different from the past
  32. Some of the self will stay the same and some of the self will be different in the future
  33. Self-interest, self-help and self-compassion shrink around the self
  34. The self is the self of all
  35. Myself? Yourself? What self?

PS.No view about myself or yourself is worth holding onto.


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