More Meditation Centres in Burma and Malaysia

Here are further centres in Burma and Malaysia to consider. Sent by a senior in the Dharma from Germany.

The teachers have deep experience in the practices taught.
And the surrounding athmosphere is also wonderful and helpful.

There a more meditation places there; these can be found
out, via the internet, too.
Webu Sayadaws monastery in Ingyinbin
The “Mahasi Sasana Yeitha Center” directly in Yangon
U Panditas Meditation Center “Panditarama” also in Yangon

One student of U Pandita Sayadaw of many years – Venerable Aggacitta –
has set up a meditation center in Malaysia in a beautiful environment:
Here is one Dhammatalk given by Ven. Aggacitta in the course of a meditation retreat – in English:

It would be lovely to include information on meditation centres in Thailand and Sri Lanka. Please send a short report (150 words max) on any meditation centre/meditation monastery in the Theravada Buddhist tradition  in the East.

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