Moonlight Whispers. A Poem

Introduction to a Poem
Moonlight Whispers

Twenty-three meditators attended each of the two retreats in the Thai Monastery, Sarnath, India, this February (2020). Far fewer joined the retreat this year than 2109 with many cancellations due to coronavirus, floods, firestorms, political unrest in India etc.

This meant I had an opportunity to engage daily in walking/standing meditation in garden of the Vipassana Centre.

I committed myself between two to three hours per day for walking/standing meditation. I appreciated especially the time from 9.30 pm to 10.15 pm or later. The silence of the night had descended offering a palpable stillness all round.

A meditator remained totally dedicated to the timetable of the day for 14 days  and continued her practise after the timetable when others had gone to bed.

Towards the end of the two weeks of retreat, the meditator approached me with an unusual question.

“Would you be my spiritual father?”

I said “Yes.” Later, I told her she was my first spiritual daughter. She smiled.

If she ever contacts me, I can let her know if she has any spiritual brothers and sisters in the future if I receive a similar request.

After the retreat, I wrote a poem about the walking/standing meditation in the night hours.

Moonlight Whispers


Solitary and Solitary

The Quiet

Measured steps

Parallel Lines

A Prayer of Silence

Up and down

Closeness of Infinity

Stars witness

Minor events

Meditative, Mindful

A Presence

Not of ourselves

Of the Deep.


Up the Path

Down the Path

Foot lifts

Slowly through air

In front of toes


Feet close

Then apart

Again, Again

Minute by Minute

Oneness, Twoness

Lives in the Deep

Upon Earth.


Freedom moves

Sharing Emptiness

Steeped in Silence


Love revealed

Night sky above

Night earth below

Universe Listens

Moonlight Whispers

Of Deathless

End of the Day

We bow to This

Nature’s Embrace

Just This.

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