Matters of the Heart. A Poem


 I will open my heart to morning’s aurora,

So that I may embrace heaven and earth,

Yet hear the cry of the forgotten voice,

While going about my daily worth,

Taking notice of that which draws,

Beyond the full-blown sails and shore.


I will venture into unknown lands,

With sinking words that change the view,

Releasing others from hanging fears,

With stillness that dissolves the years,

So my heart’s song reaches the core,

To uproot that in their pain’s store.


I will not hesitate to stand and face,

I will work on the truth that cries,

And look into their dark formations,

To insights that sweep pain aside,

Through this song, the source sublime,

So dissolving despair and time.


I will journey for this peace of heart,

Let this kindness fill the blue,

I will hear the call of this opportunity,

Renewal comes from the present true,

With zeal for others with troubled load,

Pointing the way to the heart’s abode.

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