Love is Stronger than Fear. A Poem

A love beyond the death to find,

that fills the gaps in life’s deep grooves,

and makes what matters then unwind,

so speak your mind that love approves.


This love is stronger than fears old,

a call of liberty moves in close,

then listen well to what is told.

awaken sense and diagnose.


A love is stronger than pain found

this force runs deep to leave behind

a host of stories, a life bound,

so none remain to then remind.


Love cares most for the little things,

an act, a gift, a word that means,

our depth reveals a truth that sings

and puts to rest the hidden dreams.


Love lights the other’s long lost flame,

and hears echo of music born,

a rose, a rose to call love by name,

and petals form despite sharp thorns.

From: Poems from the Edge of Time


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