Love is stronger than death,

and empty gaps in the years

and the grooves of personal history,

so the kaleidoscope of countless perceptions

rest in an enduring fragrance that fills our being

while upholding a precious dedication.


Love is stronger than the fears,

Makes pointless the pursuit of disappointments,

Love of liberty glows with the eyes

of tenderness, as it draws its breath upon

an ordained presence.


Love is stronger than energy

that emerges according to forces of nature

Love is stronger than birth and age

and the momentary concerns of ordinary life.


Love, like truth and beauty, intimates an enduring presence

like two white swans who glide with grace

along the green banks of a gentle river.

Love is the soft repose of acknowledgement,

the simple knowing of inexpressible intimacy.


Love cares not for time but for the delight

of exulted company, of the play of sunlight

and the rain that falls from heaven,

where deep friendship is worth a million mantras

while our thoughts become a silk thread,

and flowers speak beyond their emergence.


We have eyes of Love to see –

two stars in the infinite heaven.

and we whisper of a thousand good nights

and wake to a thousand new days

that reveal all

in a single event.


Love is when the soul calls the other’s name

and hears a sweet anthem echoing to its music

Love acts as the storehouse

of truth and beauty

and a rose is a rose no matter what the name.


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