Julian David, much respected Jungian Analyst, a visionary and a Totnes treasure. His new book: A SHORT HISTORY OF GOD

I received below this email message today announcing a new book by Julian David, a remarkable Jungian analyst, visionary and essayist.

I have the privilege of knowing Julian for about 15-20 years. I visited him regularly over two or three years around 2006 in his home in an organic farm, a few kilometres outside Totnes. I explored the dream world uncovering insights through his skilful questions. He constantly revealed the depths and the spiritual element in the presentations of an unfolding dream.

Years later, Julian joined three of our 10-day yatras (pilgrimages) in the foothills of the French Pyrenees around 120 participants. He gave profound talks to us on consciousness and offered analysis under a tree to participants. It is an understatement to describe Julian as a beautiful (and very handsome) human being. Although he is now in his mid-80s, there is something of the eternal about him.

Here is an email today from a member of the Julian David family.

Dear friends,

We’re very pleased to attach a link to Julian David’s new book, ‘A Brief History of God’, which traces the history of patriarchal religion through the last three thousand years and its creation of Western culture.  It’s particularly pertinent at a time when we need to find new gods and ways of dealing with the ecological crisis we now face.  It’s full of wisdom, myth and philosophy and raises questions we are all needing to find answers to.  The link also leads to a short video with Julian in conversation with ecologist, Stephan Harding…


A Brief History of God
Publisher: Austin Macauley Publishers 
ISBN: 9781528999717 
112 pages. £8.99

Should you be interested in finding out more, you can order through your local bookshop.

Take the above ISBN number with you or buy the book at


‘A Brief History of God’ by Julian David

“Without attempting to psychologize religion, this fascinating, brief, yet scholarly enquiry into the history of God, shares with the reader a deep understanding of the psychology of the phenomenon, its underlying cultural, mythopoetic origins and not least, the dark side of the patriarchal politicization of religion and concept of God. To me, it is a masterly ‘once upon a time’ story… an enquiry that has something to do with you and me. An important, timely and timeless book.”

Ian McCallum – psychiatrist, analyst, and author of Ecological Intelligence – Rediscovering Ourselves in Nature.

“A Brief History of God is an absolute gem!  Erudite, entertaining, and permeated throughout with a profound blend of magic, mystery and razor sharp intellect – Julian David is a true elder, a wisdom-keeper, healer and storyteller.  This book deftly and fluently answers questions that are both pertinently historic and profoundly existential… about how we have come to the current critical state of social and environmental crisis.”

Colin Campbell, African Medicine Doctor, Botswana and Cape Town.

“Julian David reveals a hidden tradition of reflection on how much we have lost, forever searching for what is truly of value.  His wise and gentle voice invites us to consider the same question the Sphinx asked Oedipus: ‘What is a Man? What makes a human?’  In the Nietzschean tradition of the ‘death of God,’ it is tempting to wonder if this book might become the ‘death of Yahweh’?”

Jules Cashford, Jungian Analyst, lecturer and author of ‘The Moon: Myth and Image.’ 

“In this vitally important book Julian David frees us from our
unconscious shackles to the patriarchal sky God that has made our
culture so supremely destructive of nature. With skill and poise he
redirects us to the earlier hermaphroditic divinity of nature which we
so desperately need to solve the current global crisis.  This
wonderful book is sheer liberation for the mind and soul.”

Dr Stephan Harding, Ecologist, Senior Lecturer in Holistic Science at Schumacher College and author of ‘Animate Earth’.

Julian David is a Jungian analyst, writer and lecturer, who has been practicing in Devon and London for the last forty years. He read History at Jesus College, Oxford, and taught history and religion at Dartington Hall School, Totnes, before training in Jungian psychology at the CG Jung Institute in Zurich.  He was a founding member of the Independent Group of Analytical Psychologists in London, and the Southern African Association of Jungian Analysts in Cape Town, the latter in conjunction with Laurens Van Der Post.  He was Chairman of the C.G. Jung Club in London and editor of its journal, Harvest. He has lectured widely in the UK, South Africa, and America.


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  1. Murray Feldman

    Thanks for letting us know about this Christopher. It sounds like a very interesting and insightful book. All the best Christopher.

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