Join the Dharma-Techno Festival in France. 21-25 August 2024. A cool event!

Since 2015, Dharma Nature has organised 14 silent retreats, in which a DJ or electronic music producer participating in the retreat mixes a techno set.

As this concept proved to be very fruitful in terms of Dharma practice, we decided to organise festivals in the same spirit.

The Dharma Techno Festival is a participatory, drug- and alcohol-free event, with two three-hour periods of silence during the day, featuring guided and silent meditation, movement classes and Dharma teachings.

In the evening, various techno artists and world musicians immerse us in extraordinary sounds, provoking the magic of dance.

There’s a place for everyone at this festival: whilst the adults take part in the periods of silence, a circus school welcomes children; and electronic music and other artistic workshops are reserved for young adults and teenagers so they can get together and connect.

We have also adapted it to render it suitable for deaf people.

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The Teacher

Denis Robberechts grew up in a sociable family living in his home in France with open doors. In 1997, he went to India where he spent seven years. His quest for beauty and deeper meaning brought him to study classical Indian music under the guidance of Sri Parashuram Pandey. After several long solitary periods in a little house in the Himalayas, Denis met teachers who inspired him, such as Christopher Titmuss and Jaya Ashmore.

Since 2006, he has been teaching in Spain, France, Holland, Austria and India. His approach to meditation, based on our capacity to observe, is simple and avoids any belief system. His practical path, neither extravagant nor complex, invites our honest and open exploration.

Other retreats

If you want to discover the other styles of retreat with Denis, visit the Dharma Nature website.


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