JOIN OUR DHARMA YATRA (10-Day Teachings/Practices/Pilgrimage). Near Reutlingden, Stuttgart, Germany. Christopher and Ulla Koenig 2 – 12 August 2022

Do join our DHARMA YATRA (10-Day Teachings/Practices/Pilgrimage)
Christopher and Ulla Koenig
2 – 12 August 2022. Germany
We hold the Yatra (Dharma/eco pilgrimage) near Reutlingen, near Stuttgart, 90 minutes south on train from Frankfurt. This will be the third Yatra in Germany.

The Yatra is starting to fill up. See below.

You have the opportunity to walk in single file in silence, morning and afternoon, through sublime nature. We offer daily teachings/practices/communication/engagement with nature, love and liberation.

Children walk with parents/guardians at the front.

Men, women and children have joined pilgrimages for many centuries experiencing a precious sense of community with sky above and earth below.

We share much including personal, social and global concerns for insight and inspiration. Yatra will include facilitators for small group meetings.

Annual Yatras were held in the Pyrenees in France for around 20 years prior and several years in UK in the late 1970s and 1980s.
Comprehensive information found on our website.

Please check first mindfully on website if you have questions.

Then, after, email us at:

There are places for maximum of about 60 people, excluding teachers, including 10 places for under 16-year-olds.

Registrations start at 8 am (CET) Monday 14 March 2022.
Registration is 120 Euros to help cover all the preparatory costs and more.


Places for under 16-year-olds are booked. Adults have booked 25 places.

Please note we have 25 places remaining for adults.

We make a request for donations (dana in the Buddhist tradition) for the two teachers at end of the Yatra. We endeavour to make our pilgrimage as affordable as possible.
Three supported places with 60 Euros registration fee. The three people arrive a day early and leave a day later for construction and deconstruction of campsite.

We offer a plant-based diet. We walk through forests and on tracks beside organic farms.


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