Join our Online Course. Five Powers of Mind. Saturday 18 March 2023 CET. 8 am-9.30 am. Theme. Trust/Confidence

You are invited to join our ongoing course on developing Five Powers of Mind.
With Christopher on Zoom. We will explore Trust/Confidence on Saturday.

This is the fourth of 12 sessions (twice a month).
  • You can attend a single session, several or more.
  • Last month (February 2023), we started with an overview of the Five Powers.
  • We have two sessions per month addressing one power of mind during the month.
  • Co-teacher and Administrator. Suchitra Shenoy (Suchitra currently attends a 10-day retreat in this period.
We may have faced challenging experiences in the past – feelings of failure, loss, endured blame, ongoing doubts. Some cannot recall any specific experience yet still feel low in trust or confidence or both. This may show itself face to face communication with others, starting a new project or sharing what we have to offer.
Some people extend trust too far or overly confident at the expense of clarity and wisdom (the fifth power).
Photo show. Christopher taking full ordination as a Buddhist monk after ordination as a novice some months earlier. Photo taken in 1970 in Wat Chai Monastery, Nakornsridhammaraj, Thailand, Head monk of the province gave the ordination. Ajahn Dhammadharo, my Vipassana (Insight Meditation) teacher, sits in the middle of the photo. Behind him is Bhikkhu Nagasena from India, who kindly translated from Thai-English during my three years in the monastery. Click on photo to enlarge.
The 90 minutes session on Saturday explores experiences of trust, offers practical steps forward and gives the opportunity to participants to share concerns and insights so we learn from each other.

Five Powers of the Mind

  • Trust/ Confidence. The Buddha shifted from faith to trust/confidence
  • Energy. Physical/mental/emotional energy has a significant influence upon us – whether high, low or between.
  • Mindfulness includes the ability to observe, to remember and see clearly.
  • Concentration/Unification of Mind. Concentration includes the capacity to stay focused on what matters/harmony/well-being
  • Wisdom. Wisdom means to understand. Understanding means dissolution of suffering, freedom from entrapment.
The Zoom Meeting will include use of Gallery on screen for interactive discussion with participants. Suchitra and I will hear your voice and respond to your experiences and questions.
10-to-15-minute talk
Interactive Discussion
10-to-15-minute Guided Meditation
10 to 15-minute Summary with Application for Daily Life
To Register.
I will send you the Zoom link and a free PDF of my 77-page Buddha Study Guide
There is no registration fee. The course runs on dana (donations).
Do join. We have much to learn from each other.

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