Join our Mindfulness Teacher Training Course starting at the Pauenhof Centre, an hour from Dusseldorf, Germany in early May 2020

After a two year break, we are offering our third Mindfulness Teacher Training Course (MTTC) in 2020.

More than 100 practitioners took part in the two courses in 2017-2018 in Germany and Israel.

The courses will be held at the delightful Pauenhof Centre, an hour from Dusseldorf in Germany.

We put the word out on social media last month (June 2019). Registrations are coming in.

The course runs for a year. We will start the course with a long weekend, then two weekend courses and finish in May 2021 with weeklong residential at Pauenhof with Ulla and myself.

There is a maximum of 50 participants and a minimum of 25 participants.

We will have monthly contact with participants via conference calls, and a weekly program of study and research based on three of my books on mindfulness.

We will provide a certificate to all those who have completed the course.

There is a registration fee. Residential costs for food, lodging, etc at the center. Christopher and Ulla are the two teachers. Christopher and Ulla depend on dana (donations). We appeal for donations at the end of each residential course. We do not ask for payment for the teaching the MTTC. We believe our MTTC offers the most affordable training.

A parent can bring a child (children) and needs to bring a person for childcare. The person pays for food and lodging but not a registration fee.

MTTC is open to all suitable for the training. There is an online form to complete.

We do not teach a formulated and prescribed form of mindfulness. After MTTC completion, participants can apply mindfulness teachings and practices in ways suitable for the people you serve.

Both teachers are available for email contact before, during and after the training.

A senior teacher, Christopher has uploaded recently a new website.

Ulla teaches mindfulness, residential and non-residential, to a wide variety of people in need.

Do join the MTTC in German/English.



Pass the word on to your social media contacts and friends.

Do come.

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