Join our 7-day Insight Meditation (Vipassana) Retreat from Friday 21-28 April. Waldhaus Zentrum, hour from Bonn, Germany.

Do join our 7 Day Insight Meditation (Vipassana) retreat at the Waldhaus Retreat Zentrum, 10 minutes fby car from Andernach, Germany. We start on Friday evening with food around 18.00 and the opening talk around 19.30.

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This lovely centre has forests behind the centre and expansive and spacious views across the countryside in front of the centre.

There is an opportunity for a depth of inner renewal, insights into daily life, appreciation of the spiritual experiences and a liberating awareness.

Waldhaus still has places for participants. No part time participants, except with prior permission.

The day includes mindfulness/meditation in the four postures of sitting, walking, standing and reclining. In the morning, you will receive comprehensive meditation instructions. Teachings include mindfulness of eating, ethics, facing the inner life, facing the world with wisdom as a priority.

The teachings/practices serve as a major support for all features of daily life.

A summary of instructions and guided meditations are available in PDF form on a table throughout the retreat.

1-1 Meetings take place throughout the retreat with myself and Tina Degen (assistant teacher).

We look forward to seeing you.



(Flyer prepared by Nshorna Davis)

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