Join A Pilgrimage to India from Feb 21 to March 7, 2014 with Denis Robberechts

Join Dharma teacher, Denis Robberechts in India on a  journey to India, and the roots of the meditation tradition.

If you have ever thought about making a once in a lifetime pilgrimage to India, here is a wonderful opportunity to join Denis from France. Or you may wish to make a return trip to India in the company of like-minded people. Then do consider travelling with Denis and fellow travellers.

Denis teaches the Dharma with us in both French and English on our beloved 10 day French Yatra (Pilgrimage) held annually in late July.

You can read in the flyer: Spirituality comes alive in India like in few other places on earth. Spiritual and religious practices are completely interwoven with everyday life. It is the birthplace of the ancient practice of meditation.

Join Dharma Nature as we discover India and dive into the roots of the culture, on a journey that combines visits to holy places that pulse with activity, meetings with scholars and sages from diverse spiritual traditions and the practice of meditation. You will have opportunities to be directly in touch with India, as it is, without the filters of traditional tourism.

The aim of this journey is to introduce or deepen your understanding of meditation, so that when you return home you will be able to establish or improve your own practice.

Denis Robberechts, resident teacher of Dharma Nature, will be leading the tour, and the practical details will be handled by an experienced travel agency.

 About Denis.

Denis Robberechts has spent a total of seven years in India. His quest for beauty and deep meaning brought him to study Indian classical music under the guidance of Sri Parashuram Pandey. He spent months in solitary retreats in the Himalayas, wandered rural India, and practiced meditation techniques with masters of different traditions. Since 2006, he has been teaching meditation in India, Spain, France, Holland, and Belgium. His approach to this practice, which is based on our capacity to observe, is simple, clear and insightful  pointing to wisdom of the heart while remaining free from dogma.

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