Photos. 13th year. Grandson and Grandfather.

Grandson. Photo taken on 03.04.2021. Taken at home in Totnes, Devon, England. In  his 13th Year.

Grandfather. Photo taken in 1957. Taken at John Fisher School, Purley, Surrey. England. In his 13th year.

In case you are wondering. The handsome one is the grandson. Two years later, I left school. Schools do their best but genuine learning starts after we leave school.

3 thoughts on “Photos. 13th year. Grandson and Grandfather.”

  1. Satya McVeity

    Beautiful Christopher. You must be so proud. So you both like books! I hope this brings you together and that he gets to carry on your great work.

  2. Lovely images Christopher. I’m thinking your grandson may have been exposed to a whole lot of worldly stuff that our vintage may not have been. Just a hunch.
    It’s certain my learning about the world around me accelerated massively after I left school and home, starting with a move from the British countryside to London and then north Africa!
    I hope you are keeping well. We missed you in Australia last year, Bryony

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