AN INQUIRY INTO PERCEPTIONS. AN INQUIRY INTO REALITY. An Inquiry worth a lifetime of exploration

An Inquiry worth a Lifetime of Exploration

  • Can reality be seen and known?
  • Do feelings, pleasant, painful or in-between, constitute reality?
  • What is the difference between sudden feelings and intuition?
  • Do thoughts make reality?
  • Do the absence of thoughts make reality?
  • Is reality a combination of feelings and thoughts or neither?
  • If neither, what confirms reality?
  • If both, what feelings and thoughts confirm reality?
  • Does the experiences of pleasure and pain reveal reality or makes a view of reality
  • Since our perceptions of a situation change, does it show perceptions lack substance?
  • Does scientific analysis reveal the true reality or offer one kind of perception?
  • What is reality?
  • If reality is seen and known, what impact does it make on perceptions?

May all being see clearly

May all beings know reality

May all beings live in peace

  • Definitely worth a lifetime of exploration!

    I’m going to ponder on these.

    Isn’t it amazing to have deep, unfolding wonders to devote ourselves to. And never to run out of layers, of new levels of understanding unfolding like petals.

    When I take my last breath, I hope I’m still in awe, and have a daft smile on my face because I’ve learned to trust the journey.

    This blog is becoming a bit of a necessary point of reference for me. Like, a trust the journey, inspirational check in.

    Thanks for sharing it, Christopher

  • Science reveals facts – is reality and scientific facts the same thing? Is reality the same as truth? Reality is perceived differently depending on personal history, conditioning, beliefs etc. ? Could facts, reality and, truth be different areas that we we need to inquire into throughout our lives?

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