India. e-Visa. Advice for Backpackers and Tourists booking their e-Visa online

The Government of India provides an online e-visa service to more than 150 countries.

It is a fast and efficient service.  Since 2018, the e-visa allows a stay of 60 days in India, not a minute longer. There is no extension on the e-visa.

Here are some points of information. The advice list below is all relevant for the UK but much will also apply in other countries.

  1. Do not leave it late to order your e-visa. You can order your visa up to 30 days before you fly.
  2. Have pen and paper to write down ID number.
  3. A current passport.
  4. A passport photo on your computer. Make sure photo is not too big. (My passport photo is 222kb. My passport page photo is 176kb).
  5. A photo of your main passport page on your computer.
  6. A hotel, tourist bungalow or family/friend address with a telephone number in a place in India where you expect to stay.
  7. Your VISA or Master Card for payment
  8. Date of flying to India within a couple of days.
  9. Make sure you use the Government of India website. In UK, this is:
  10. The cost of the Government of India e-Visa is $60.00. You will see on the official website.
  11. There are other similar looking websites. They charge double or more for the same service and can take two weeks or more to secure your e-visa
  12. Go to home page of website address above if you are in the UK. Read e-visa information.
  13. Click on e-tourist visa application on left hand side.
  14. Start filling in form. Allow 25 -50 minutes to complete the form-filling process.
  15. By the second page, you will see an ID number at top of page. Please write it down. The website will save every page you complete.
  16. If you cannot complete or you lose website connection, the ID number with your name, passport number will allow you to continue where you finished.
  17. Make sure you only click on Tourist visa in list of various kinds of visas on the form.
  18. You may have difficulty logging in a second or third time, even with the correct ID number etc. Don’t panic. If necessary, simply start the whole process all again and try to finish in one go.
  19. Make sure you check all your details are correct on each page. You do not want the hassle of a delay on your visa.
  20. You may only see your first names, and not surname, before payment. Don’t panic. Your surname will be on the e-Visa.
  21. Write down the last ID number that you are given.
  22. Indian visa office will inform you by email that the office is processing your application.
  23. You will receive a confirmation of your successful application within three days.
  24. Remember to PRINT your e-visa to take to airport and have in your hand with your passport when you arrive in India.
  25. Enjoy Mother India. City India is challenging – to put it mildly. Conventional tourist India consists of tourists on the beach or on a quick stop air conditioned tour.  Taj Mahal is probably the most beautiful building on Earth. The romantic love of Shah Jahan, the Muslim ruler in 1631, inspired this breath-taking monument to love.
  26. Try to visit rural India – the Himalayas, the deserts, the endless villages and the remote regions.
  27. Spiritual India is alive and well. Varanasi, Tiruvannamalai, Bodh Gaya, Sarnath, Rishikesh and Dharamsala etc.
  28. Spiritual India shows itself with the gods, the temples, ashrams, Motilal and other spiritual bookshops, endless expressions of devotion, karma yoga, courses, retreats, Who am I?,Meditation, Yoga, vegetarian diet, Ayurveda medicine, amazing conversations with Indian citizens and much more. Use hand cleanser before eating. Take a warm sleeping bag for the cold nights. Be mindful. Be patient. Be kind.  And all will be well.
  29. Mother India changes your life. Opens your mind. That’s how you know you have been to India.
  30. Namaste.


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