If you Wake Up in the Night….Meditate

You wake up in the night. You do not feel like getting up and you sense you cannot get back to sleep. Meditate.

Sit on your pillow or put it behind your back. Cross-legged or legs stretched out. Straight back. Sit tall. With presence. You can pull your blanket or duvet up to your shoulders – without disturbing a partner or your child next to you.

Sit still. You can experience the palpable silence of the night. The night is more than just quiet. It is deeper than that. You have a precious opportunity to experience a deep meditation.

Meditate (experience directly without thinking) on the silence and stillness of the night. Allow the whole being to rest in the silence, in the stillness. When tiredness returns, then go back to the horizontal posture.

Meditation in the night can conserve much energy for the next day of parenting/working/studying etc.

Extract from a previous blog

Can’t Sleep? Fitful Sleep. Sleeplessness. Insomnia? Experience a good night’s sleep. Tips. Advice. Practices. Steps towards a Good Sleep.

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