I HEAR YOUR VOICE. A Poem for those facing difficulties in their relationship


I hear your trumpet call on grassy slope,

you utter messages of loss of hope,

and blow up your issues to break the ties,

thus follows swollen red in burning eyes.


I hear you far away from where we met,

with you and I at odds over what we set,

we’ve made for another trial of noise,

we’ve made a mess of things, and this destroys.


We speak of something, very old and tired,

on thunder clouds, we find our mind got wired,

we slip back into warped and crusty ways

and then we feel the burden that dismays.


Your sudden change can see the end is nigh

to calm your stress, to fade away the cry,

You put up with things that you did endure,

and find no shelter in our pain for sure.


What we say fuels even more our clash,

we struggled once again and made a hash,

what makes me think of matters to account?

What are the ways to know what’s paramount?


Our endless plight will meet exposed howl,

let’s stay content; avoid the moods so foul,

and acts of love will change the landscape’s view,

so pouring rain can soak our souls anew.



Poems from the Edge of Time (108 Poems)

Lulu Publishers


Kindle: £4.95

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