Help to create Mindfulness Meditations in Arabic

Help to create Mindfulness Meditations in Arabic


The violence in the Middle East and the ongoing refugee wave, with displaced people outpouring from Syria and other Arab countries, is a strong call to create Mindfulness meditations in Arabic.

Refugee Aid workers in Turkey, Palestinian women in the West Bank, Druze women in the Galilee, German refugee counselors, and social workers in Israel attending to traumatised and wounded Syrians, have all insisted that Mindfulness practices are imperative in Arabic.

We are appealing to you for your support and donations.

We, the ToWo group,  are a voluntary humanitarian sisterhood. We train and facilitate cross cultural groups in communities that face trauma and war stress. We work in women groups, and coed whilst with the refugees.

Our trainings are offered by a bi-lingual multi faith team.

We teach Mindfulness, Mindfulness based Trauma therapy MBSE & Non violent Communication. We offer practices that deepen and embody observation skills, listening, resiliency and compassion. Mindfulness suffuses all the practices, and all experience the benefits, both the ones trained and the helpers.

We are proposing a project that will consist of at least three Mindfulness Meditations in Arabic, up to a full 8 week course. The materials will be offered on the internet freely, and will be supported.

We see great potential in being able  to translate these meditations to Arabic, and to find the right ways to make them handy and useful for those that need to take the practice.

We sincerely need partners and donors for this project.

At this time, one benevolent donor will match any contribution in the next six months.

Our website is

Please contact us – for any additional information.

There’s a PayPal option on our website. We have an NGO bank account for transfers, and some tax exempt may be arranged.

This heartfelt action will benefit many people.

Thank U!

Miri Ben Baruch

From Christopher Titmuss:  Please support the fine work of the ToWo group of women. This is a precious initiative for the benefit of those in war zones and fleeing from war zones. 



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