Guidelines for the Blog and Comments on Social Media

Certain lengthy comments on my social media platforms sometimes reveal an aggressive tone. I have received concern about such Comments from other readers, especially on Facebook.

Such hostility in the comments deter others from writing a comment. I see in recent months a significant drop in the number and diversity of Comments.

Number of views of the blog remain much the same – around 15K per month.

Healthy differences of view contribute to expanding our perceptions of situations of society, politics, science, medicine or global. I have benefitted from some of your views and analysis of a situation of mutual interest.

It is easy to attack the content of a blog claiming a blog contains misinformation or the writer is deluded or naïve. The critic of a blog needs to state their view. This can benefit the blogger.

For example, the global pandemic can invite a minefield of views. I take the view that if we stay silent on such global issues, the hard-line voices will stifle thoughtful dialogue, written or spoken. As much as possible, let us endeavour to engage in a communication of concern, a considerate form of language, whether brief or lengthy.

Guidelines for those who make a Comment:

  •  If you state what is false, you imply you know the facts, the truth. Please state them in your Comment.
  •  If you do not know the facts, please state you do not know the facts, even if you disagree with the blogger.
  • Avoid generalities such as “Accept the science.”  Please state in several sentences the view(s) of science you have in mind.
  • You might try starting the sentence with “The science says…
  • Please state your view rather than only reacting to what you don’t like about what you read.
  • Do not attack another person, such as a Facebook friend, who makes a comment you disagree with.
  •  If you regularly dismiss what somebody else writes, then write your own blog or text on your Facebook page or another platform.
  •  Up until now, I have kept the social media pages open to all. I am considering checking the Comment before it appears on the page.
  • Please be mindful.


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