Grandson requires some work experience for a week. Unpaid. Any suggestions please?

My grandson, who is studying A level law, media studies and sociology, has to complete a week of work experience as part of his college course. He has unfortunately been let down by the London company he was due to work for next week.

He passed all 10 GCSE’s exams in the summer including three As. He will be 17 years old in January.
Is there anybody that could kindly give him work next week? It is unpaid work so you will get an extra pair of willing hands. Ideally, he would like to work in a law firm for the week, as he wants to go on to university to become a lawyer. But at this late stage, he will happily do anything.
He lives in Hertfordshire, only 27 minutes on the train from central London but he can also spend the week in south Devon. It will be Monday to Friday next week. He has a CV he can send.
Any suggestions? Do pass the word on. Many thanks.

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