Energy. An Exploration of Our Experience. Five Powers of Mind. Saturday 1 April 2023. 8 am – 9.30 am CET.

Do join our series of explorations of the Five Powers of Mind.

With Christopher and co-teacher Suchitra. Held on first and third Saturday of each month.

Each session stands on its own, as well as inter-connected with others sessions.

You can join any session.

February Session 1 and 2. Overview of the Five Powers

March Session 3 and 4. Trust

April Session 5 and 6 Energy

What is the Power of Energy?

The Buddha said:

  • One arouses energy for abandoning unwholesome qualities and developing wholesome qualities.
  • One is strong, firm in exertion, not casting off the duty of cultivating wholesome qualities.

Science informs us that the law of conservation of energy states energy can  convert into in form, but not created or destroyed.

First hand experience of energy tells us a different story.

Mental-physical health supports energy yet we still require sleep.

Mental-physical pain and sickness burns up energy and can make sleep difficult

Plus multiple variations in the highs, lows and norms of energy.


CET. 8 am -9.30 am (time zones suitable for India, Israel, UK, Australia. Extra motivation for the Americas!)


Five Powers of the Mind: The Buddha emphasised the importance of developing these Five Powers of the Mind. We will start with an overview, and then explore and develop one power per month.

Five Powers of the Mind are:

  1. Trust/ Confidence. The Buddha shifted from faith to trust/confidence
  2. Energy. Physical/mental/emotional energy has a significant influence upon us – whether high, low or between.
  3. Mindfulness includes the ability to observe, to remember and see clearly
  4. Concentration/Unification of Mind. Concentration includes the capacity to stay focused on what matters/harmony/well-being
  5. Wisdom. Wisdom means to understand. Understanding means dissolution of suffering, of problematic issues


The Zoom Meeting will include use of Gallery on screen for interactive discussion with participants. In our respective sessions, Suchitra and I will hear your voice and respond to your experiences and questions.

10-to-15-minute talk
Interactive Discussion
10-to-15-minute Guided Meditation
10 to 15-minute Summary with Application for Daily Life

Email to: Suchitra Shenoy

Suchitra will provide you with the Zoom link

There is no registration fee. The course runs on dana (donations).
The course will provide a free PDF of Christopher Titmuss’ 77-page Buddha Study Guide.

We have much to learn from each other.

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