Drink a Glass of Water with Every Meal. Give your inner body and brain a regular shower.

I read doctors recommend drinking two or three litres of pure, distilled water every single day. Perhaps a few diehards maintain such a discipline. The rest of us folks find ourselves with modest aims.

Every January since the turn into the 3rd millennium, I make a New Year’s Resolution. Some resolutions last for a year and others for decades. In early 2000, I started with giving up car ownership to rely on public transport while occasionally renting a car, if necessary. In January 2021, I made the resolution to not buy any clothes for a year. (Confession: I bought a couple of pairs of sock in the summer. Out of compassion for others. I forget to pack socks when I went away for a few days).

I am starting my 2022 resolution two months early. I resolve to start the new day with a glass of water (around 250 ml) and drink a glass of water with every meal. I plan to drink a glass of water with my oat latte in the local coffee shop. In the Middle East, citizens drink water with the Turkish coffee etc. Cool.

The range of benefits provide a persuasive rationale for the daily glass (water means water, not coffee, tea, herbal drinks, milk drinks etc).

Give priority to distilled water rather than tap water.

Scientists tell us that the body consists of 60% water. Muscle is about 80% water. The brain amounts to 90% water.

Benefits of regular glasses of water include:

  1. Supports mental clarity, concentration and well-being
  2. Supports physical health, organs and our cells.
  3. Water flushes out waste deposits in the kidney. Regular drinking of water passes through kidneys increasing urination and thus cleaning kidneys. The water helps prevent minerals, salt and dairy products forming into crystals and kidney stones.
  4. Can reduce headaches.
  5. Necessary for exercise and for hot weather to reduce dehydration
  6. Two percent dehydration has a noticeable impact on body and mind including more physical fatigue and mental anxiety.
  7. Improves overall mood and power of concentration.
  8. Contributes to relieving constipation
  9. Drinking water during the day, especially before a meal, helps in weight loss as it boosts the metabolic system.
  10. Improves skin complexion.

I invite readers to increase their daily water consumption. If so, I will drink to that. Water, of course.

5 December 2021. I received an email from a UK company providing water filter systems for the home environment.  https://flixwater.com/ The company also offers helpful information on water – tap water, well water, soft water etc.

I do not know the company but they make distilled water available. For a decade, I have a facility attached to my kitchen sink. I use daily.  With a tap for distilled water, we do not need to buy plastic bottles of water. Within a few years, there will be more plastic in our seas than fish. Change can start in the kitchen.

We have enough chemicals from water, food and air already entering body.

Every home needs a water filer system.



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