Does self-compassion mean turning one’s back on others? A talk on Tuesday, 28 February. near Totnes, England

Compassion in a Troubled World

Compassion is the action of love specifically intended to relieve or end suffering.

There is compassion through action and there is compassion through non-action.

When is non-action an expression of compassion?

What is the difference between concern and compassion?

Does pity for another and compassion get confused?

Is self-compassion an abuse of compassion?

In this evening workshop there will be a talk, questions and answers and sharing

of experiences

Christopher Titmuss, author of numerous books on spirituality, teaches awakening

and meditation worldwide.  Poet, photographer and social critic, he lives in Totnes,


 To be held at the Yoga House, Harberton, 7 to 9 pm on Tuesday 28 February 2017.

All are welcome, but space is limited so email Caroline if you would like to come.

There is no charge for this event but there will be an opportunity to offer donations

for Christopher’s teachings

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