Does Medicine Damage Our Health? Part Two of Two


The Medical Belief System

Cause and Effect

Complementary Medicine

We need a Medical Revolution

Contemporary medicine runs under a belief system that everything must be broken down to the smallest part to see what is wrong in that location of the body. This reductionist standpoint often needs the use of expensive machinery such as MRI and CT scans. Doctors prescribe medication to target a single part of the malfunction of the body, which is treated in the same way as a machine.

The patient may also take extra medication for pain, to sleep, to stop diarrhoea or stop constipation. The patient may swallow 10 to 15 tablets every day for specific parts of the body/mind process including secondary medicine owing to the impact of the tablets swallowed to target the first symptoms. The impact of drugs often has a violent impact upon the sensitivities of the body which, in turn, generate side effects

The doctor writes you a prescription drug to increase your brain’s levels of serotonin to uplift you. The statin drug has become the most widely prescribed drugs to fight heart disease. You take drugs to block the transmission of pain signals along the pathways. You take drugs fight to fight an illness. As you get older, your ability weakens to handle the impact of a daily cocktail of medication. The drugs can end up shortening your life rather than extending your life. You continue living in the same unhealthy way while swallowing pills to manage or suppress the symptoms of sickness and pain.

The pharmaceutical industry assiduously avoids the application of plants, specific vitamins and changes in attitude around lifestyle. Doctors, nurses and patients need to co-operate together weekly to support each other to change their relationship to drink, food and activities. The medical business has no interest in such an approach. There is no profit in the application of human resources for healing. Profits require a dependency on synthetic medicine, patented and marketed.

Synthetic medicine cannot fully cure the wide range of chronic diseases that generate so much suffering. A patient may feel a major loss of energy, vitality and happiness as a result of medication to treat a disease. Synthetic medicine slows down the deterioration in health and, at worse, speeds up the decline in health. A medical ‘cure’ in one area of life may only expose a sickness in another area due to lack of change in lifestyle.

The medical profession endeavours to handle and manage health and pain through trying to keep in check the symptoms. . If the drugs do not work, then the surgeons can cut out the problematic part of the body. This leads to further use of drugs to prevent infection and reduce pain. It is hardly likely that such an unhealthy approach to health can generate healthy people.

Yes, there is real benefit to the application of medicine and surgery, which concentrates on poison (synthetic drugs), burning (radiation) or cutting (surgery). We may have real concerns about the consequences to our health of drugs, vaccines, such as MMR (Measles, Mumps, Rubella -measles), radiation and excessive use of surgery. We should only consider these gross and violent responses to sickness and pain after exploring the healthy alternatives of complementary medicine and change of lifestyle.

Allopathic (conventional) medicine saves lives, heals wounds and can end sicknesses. It has a helpful track record in terms of accurate diagnosis of a sickness.

Cause and Effect

Contemporary medicine only addresses the effects of the circumstances that made a person sick. Causes for sickness matter as much. Medical science does not offer a comprehensive approach of knowledge of cause and effect to empower patients to work together to make changes in their life. Collective responsibility includes working together to develop a healthy nutrition, use of clean water, mindfulness, clean air and sharing of necessary changes. The separation of effects from causes denies the opportunity to make changes in diet and environment impact upon people. The provision of increasingly more drugs gets in the way of healing, health and a holistic way of life. States of mind and environmental influences have a significant impact upon our health.

The industry employs drugs to fight the symptoms of sickness, primarily through suppression. We swallow antibiotics, antidepressants and anti-inflammatory medicine. The body resists the invasion of such synthetic medication. This resistance means that doctors then increase the dosage until the body lacks the ability to struggle against these chemicals.

A patient may feel to be on the road to recovery through medication without any examination of the causes. Neglect of causes may result in problems later. The failure of modern medicine to apply an overview of cause-and-effect contributes to a sick medical system failing to support needs of people facing health, pain and fear of the future.

Complementary Medicine

We live in a very tightly controlled system. The pharmaceutical industry spends massive amounts of money to discredit every other alternative/complementary medicine. Hospitals can only offer drugs and surgery. Hospital management forbids other contemporary and traditional forms of healing of patients.

We are constantly informed that medical scientists and the drug companies are winning the war on cancer. Death from cancer has not changed in the population since precise records started a century ago. The massive increase in obesity in a single generation has contributed to a rocketing of health issues at an unprecedented level. One in three people suffer obesity in many western countries. Ten per cent of schoolchildren live with obesity.

A generation ago significant numbers would suffer depression as they move into the 30s and older. Today significant numbers start experiencing depression as they move into their teens.

Within the last generation or so, dementia and Alzheimer’s disease has entered public discourse. Before the immense media attention to dementia and Alzheimer’s, the biggest health fear in society concerned contracting cancer. The current biggest fear is losing one’s mind through dementia or Alzheimer’s.

Financially backed by the drug industry, neuroscientists attribute these mental health issues to failures in the circuitry of the brain. The drug barons tell us that medication will eventually solve this problem. The willingness to stay steadfastly committed daily to significant changes in lifestyle, diet, nutrition exercise, mindfulness and concentration practices hardly get a mention. Lifestyle contributes to harmful impact on the brain cells, very rarely the other way around. Conditions in the brain can change through the application and knowledge of the needs of the cells for renewal. Oxygen, strict plant based diet, with good cholesterol, give nutrients to the brain cells.

Most medicine does not serve the health needs of society. The medical policy to attack symptom often fails. The neglect of the whole person, and way of life, only enables a temporary management of sickness and pain. Medical science is wasting far too much of our money in research for cures.

We need to make the priority a natural and holistic approach in accordance with of the needs of the body. A variety of professionals in the field of mind-body can offer their knowledge and skills to develop a healthy mind-body with inner strength and healthy immune system. Such professionals include:

  • Acupressure,
  • Acupuncture
  • Ayurvedic Massage
  • Ayurvedic Medicine
  • Chinese Medicine
  • Chiropractors,
  • Coaches, Weight/Gym Trainers
  • Dieticians,
  • Healers
  • Herbal Medicine,
  • Homeopathy,
  • Mindfulness/Meditation Teachers
  • Naturopathy,
  • Nutritionists
  • Osteopathy,
  • Yoga,

Such professionals can contribute to an authentic cure for many ills without any side effects or suppression of symptoms. Complementary medicine and allopathic medicine need to be available in the same clinic and same hospital. Synthetic medication and surgery needs to be last resort to maximise protection of the physical organism from the violence of such drugs and surgery.

As people get older, they often experience more sickness, more pain and more visits to the local clinic. Doctors and patients assume that ageing causes ill health. Doctor may come up with a simplistic answer. DNA. There is a blind assumption of hereditary factors, genetic diseases that make the ageing process so problematic. If so, the doctor should provide us with the specific DNA number causing sickness and remove that particular DNA. If the DNA cannot be eliminated, nothing much can be done to stop it damaging our health.

We need a Medical Revolution

We need a medical revolution in our relationship to sickness, pain and suffering. The current system fails all of us. Throwing more money into medical science, the pharmaceutical industry, hospitals and clinics will not resolve the crisis. There is a deterioration in health. A long life expectancy is starting to go in reverse in some Western countries. More and more minds and bodies lose their resilience.

Wise and compassionate action matters for our babies, children and adults, young and old. The drug industry has a modest contribution to make to the nation’s health. In the UK, we need our beloved NHS. It needs to stand for Natural Health Service as much as the National Health Service.

We must work together to change our way of life.


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