Dharma Dancing Guidelines. Dancing Your Way to Liberation

Dharma* Dancing includes an extra feature – to be mindful of what arises in the mind.

Dancing expresses freedom of the spirit to the sound of music.

Dancing provides the opportunity to experience happiness, a joyful energy and sense of well-being.

Dancing can benefit young and old alike.

It contributes to liberating our being from stress, unhappiness and being in the spell of a painful story.

Ten Areas for reflection on Dharma Dancing.

To free up the Dance. To see the emptiness of I and my.

1. What thoughts arise about the music – like, dislike or neither?
2. What is your response to the dancing of another or others?
3. Do feelings tones with attraction or aversion arise in you?
4. Do you have thoughts about what another or others think about your dancing?
5. Are you judgemental about your dancing?
6. What is the difference between grasping onto another(s) and appreciating another(s)?
7. Do thoughts about oneself, other(s) or comparing drop away to allow the free flow of dance energy?
8. After end of dancing, do you engage in brief reflection of the benefits of challenge of dancing with others
9. If you prefer to stand and watch others dance, do you experience appreciation to witness the joy of others?
10. Does Dharma Dancing contribute to a vibrant, insightful and liberating experience?

In Sanskrit, God has a thousand names, including Lila, Leela – meaning God reveals as the Dance of Life, the Play of Life.

On Saturday 5 November 2022, the Mindfulness Teacher Training Course came to the final evening of the residential training. At 9.30 pm, I invited the group to engage in Dharma Dancing for an hour or so. I bought with me around 2.5 hours of songs in MP3 format transferred to three CDS. Perhaps a third of the songs, mostly rock, reggae and ballads. Many of the songs had depth in the lyrics for people to listen to as the danced.

*Dharma means Teachings/Practices for an Awakened Life

Screenshot of Titles of Songs and the Singers. 

Click on text below to enlarge. Then click on screen a couple of times to see name of artist in right column.

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