Christopher Titmuss E News June 2022

Christopher Titmuss E News June 2022

Who will you listen to when they declare, they swirl all round you;
they always know best, and then try changing you,
so then beware upon those judges whim to fix your fate,
as though they can offer real security,
and then deceive you with their maturity.

Poems from the Edge of Time by Christopher Titmuss

Dear Friends,

Welcome to every one of our 7200 subscribers of the current issue of the Christopher e-News.
This issue of the e-News comes with a new format. The format will contribute to readability, extra space around texts and regular photos on some pages.

This is the first issue and we will develop the new format from this basic presentation.
Inner Impacts on Outer Impacts on the Inner. Life is not a picnic. Features of nature reveal it as beautiful, disruptive and destructive. Picnics offer a temporary enjoyment until unsettled elements take over. Climate change has always impacted on humanity and rest of sentient life, but the dynamics of the elements of earth, air, heat and water have increased and intensified.

Epidemics and plagues have ravaged societies for many centuries but now it is on a global level.
Wars have murdered countless numbers for a long time but weapons in the 21st century slaughter people and destroy their habitats far more quickly than ever before.
Poor leadership in government, corporations, industries, and their supporters, have generated this mess between them. Leadership in democratic and non-democratic countries have let us down – badly.

There is no point in blaming all humanity for the above.

We tackle inwardly and outwardly, greed, hate and delusion – three primary causes for suffering in this world.

We have to face up to our responsibilities in this mess as well as addressing the outer. E-news primarily addresses the inner, the condition of the mind in the world.


I asked Jude, my weekly IT consultant, to create a Facebook Group page with the name, Christopher Titmuss Teachings.
I will continue to use Facebook Friends but the Facebook Group will allow more interaction. Please click here to join this Facebook Group. I also intend to send out invites through Facebook Friends. I am keen for the participants in the Group Page to have a voice. I will list some ethical guidelines – respect for contributions, non-abusive language, not dominating a thread and more.
Facebook Group will reflect varied interests. I move in different circles – Buddhist tradition, meditation, mindfulness, spirituality, inter-faith dialogue, well-being, lifestyle, anti-war movement, grass root politics and global issues. For example, if you use a Buddhist word such as (dana – donation) or dukkha – suffering) etc, please translate.
Those with an extended network of Facebook Friends have seen responses on their page reduced to 5% to what it used to be a couple of years ago, Facebook wants people to pay to advertise their Facebook page. A few of us criticise Facebook, Instagram, social media, the vaccination business and more. Facebook adjust logarithms so perhaps 1%-2% see our page
Benefits of Facebook Group
1. Develops greater inter-action between the group
3. Opportunity to ask more questions and responses that can reach the whole group
4. Establish a set of ethical guidelines around communications.
5. Group provides opportunity for fresh ideas on themes of mutual interest
6. Can direct members to website, books, blogs, podcasts of mutual interest.
7. Facebook permits up to 5000 members then payment starts.


     I regularly send a blog link, sometimes with a comment in an email, to a person who might find the blog useful. There is no need to reply unless you have a question or response.

Two or three blogs are written every week. There were around 250,000 views of the blog in the past 18 months. Number of blogs passed 1000 last month. You can add your email address in the top right corner of the home page, if you wish to receive email notification of a new blog. You can also go to Search at top right of blog to find areas of interest.

Themes in the past two months or so include drug prescriptions for stress, obituary of Alison Wright, a Buddhist perspective, review of The Outsider of Albert Camus, five Shakespeare Sonnets, how to make chai, grandson wins place at Goldman Sachs, criticism of dana, Ode to Brighton Beach, poem on Anonymity and Are you ready to offer a mindfulness class?

1.    The-limits-of-science-the-limits-of-consciousness-part-one
2.    Mental-wellbeing-herbal-natural-medication-drug-prescriptions
3.    Alison-wright-the-compassionate-photographer-an-obituary
4.    What-is-a-buddhist-perspective
5.    Does-meditation-and-spirituality-collude-to-gloryify-th-here-and-now
6.    Identity-and-the-outsider-the-meaning-of-the-novel-by-albert-camus
7.    First-five-sonnets-by-william-shakespeare-with-brief-explanation
8.    A-pop-musical-fantastically-great-women-highlights
9.    How-to-make-indian-chai-for-one-person
10.  My-grandson-kye-allwood-wins-a-place-at-goldman-sachs
11.  Criticism-of-our-donation-model
12.  We-contemplate-eternity-beneath-the-vast-indifference-of-heaven
13.  An-ode-to-brighton-beach
14.  Anonymity-a-poem
15.  Are-you-ready-to-offer-a-mindfulness-class
16.  Queen-elizabeth-has-been-sitting-on-the-throne-for-70-years


•    Develop a depth of mindfulness and ongoing wellbeing
•    Find a deeper connection with yourself, others, and nature
•    Suitable for beginners and those with prior experience
•    Step by step instructions, reflections and guided meditations
•    Know a wise response to situations
•    Reap long-lasting benefits

The Mindfulness Challenge includes written teachings/instructions/one-to-five-minute audio talks and around 120 photographs for reflection.

You will receive clear online instructions for each day of the 90 days. You can start your Mindfulness Challenge today. Cost of the of the PDF is £19.50 including tax.  ( $25.50, €23.50, A$35.00, ILS Israel, 84.00, India 1950 Rupees.

You can make a single payment with your Visa card or Paypal when you sign up. You will get instant access to the course.

To sign up and register for the Challenge:
Centre offers a PDF Certificate of Mindfulness for those who complete all 90 days of the course. It may take you longer than 90 days. Do take up the Challenge!
Money received supports The Wise Lotus Centre in Letchworth Garden City, UK launch in April 2022 by Nshorna Titmuss, my daughter.

For more information:


in Letchworth Garden City, Herts, UK

Do join our classes and courses held in The Wise Lotus Centre, 35 minutes on the train north from Kings Cross station in central London, UK.
TWLC has a rapidly expanding programme throughout the week. The Centre keeps as affordable as possible to support adults and children. Centre offers evening meetings/classes. The programme includes mindfulness, meditation, yoga, holistic therapies, self-care, public talks, classes for families, children and businesses. Nshorna teaches mindfulness and other classes/workshops for adults and children in the Centre. She sells a range of wellbeing items and beautiful gift sets on Etsy and in her shop: Every package is plastic-free as much as possible and includes a mindfulness practise leaflet.


A 528 PAGE MEMOIR written by Christopher

I have received many kind words from readers worldwide after they read TEN YEARS AND TEN DAYS.

The book offers an exploration of experiences, insights and can provide inspiration for others to engage in a lifelong interest in life on Earth.
The book and Kindle version with photos is available on Amazon books in many countries.
The Memoir of 10 years on the road includes a hippy life, mind-altering drugs, romantic encounters, and brushes with death. The book covers travels through 20 countries, the discipline for three years in a strict Vipassana monastery in Thailand, nine months in a cave and meetings with leading spiritual teachers in Thailand and India. I met and talked with some of the finest spiritual/Buddhist/Hindu teachers in Thailand and India.
Besides more than 400 letters, I also drew upon 30 diaries and notebooks, plus my memory of events from 1967 to 1977. The freedom to explore confirms an infinite potential for discovery.
ISBN 978-1-5272-8274-2
Published June 2021.
£14.95. 528 pages.
£6.95 Kindle e-Book.
Memoir is easily available via Amazon (the publisher) websites in many Western countries.


JUNE: Zoom SanghaLive (2), Zoom Australia, Zoom 8fold Path. Israel,  Zoom MTTC worldwide. Zoom BSG, India
JULY: Residential, near Munich, Germany, Zoom 8fold Path, Israel. Zoom MTTC, Zoom. India BSG.
AUGUST: Yatra. Near Stuttgart, Germany; Zoom, India; Zoom, BSG, Zoom, MTTC.
SEPTEMBER. Workshops. Letchworth Garden City, Zoom, India, BSG. Zoom, MTTC
OCTOBER: Zoom. Yom Kippur. Israel. Waldhaus, Germany (2). Zoom, MTTC.
Please note it is a minor inconvenience to attend Zoom teachings in different time zones. More updates and outlines of teachings/dates given on blog nearer to time of sessions. Type in Search with name of country – top right of blog

SUNDAY 5 June 2022. 20.00 – 21.30 CET
With Christopher
What is the Ultimate Truth? What is the relative truth? Guided Meditation. Talk. Q and A. with Christopher.
In the spiritual, mindfulness, religious, Buddhist circles, we use the word ‘practice’ with frequency. Practice provides a genuine sense of development, of moving forward, while a fading of practice can give the sense of being stuck or slipping back into old patterns.
Practises maximise attention on the world of mind-body, mindfulness, meditation and well-being – that means conventional or relative truth of our perceptions.
What is the Ultimate Truth?
Ultimate truth confirms a liberating truth, an awakening truth. Views differ from truth since views belong to the healthy, unhealthy or neither. Truth reveals discovery not tied to such human perceptions.
In terms of ultimate truth, the power of trust matters. Am I willing to drop the notion of practice, narrow or broad, and trust that I will not slide back into old ways? Can such trust serve as an open doorway to ultimate truth?
Can we discover truth not bound to perception, nor views, not bound to mystery, not bound to self, in any way at all? This question lies at the heart of the deepest exploration. Do lend an ear on the session hosted by Sangha Live.

With Christopher
Monday 6 June to Friday 10 June 2022. 8 am – 9 am CET
Dharma Teachings embrace past, present and future knowing the value and the limits of the here and now. Mindfulness starts the process to notice, to reveal and take steps.
Clear seeing includes exploring and changing problematic conditions for suffering, gross or subtle. Liberation brings the best out of us. We no longer abide in a contracted condition.
These online sessions run in the mornings from Monday to Friday. They offer an opportunity for the Sangha to meditate regularly with a community of like-minded Dharma practitioners.
Format: Short dharma teaching/reflection, 30-minute guided meditation, and a short interactive Q&A.

Series of Talks/Practices on each link in Noble Eightfold Path. Israel time zone.
Right Mindfulness. Saturday 30 July 2022
Right means comprehensive, fulfilling, and ethical.
Please note a change in a time or date may take place during the year.

6.45 am – 7.45 am CET.  Talk and Guided Meditation
13.00 -14.00 CET.  Talk. Q and A. and Guided Meditation
16.00-17.00 CET. Discussion Groups (without a teacher)
19.00 – 20.00 CET.  Talk Q and A.

Saturday 30 July 2022 Right Mindfulness
Saturday 27 August 2022 Right Concentration (closing session following Introduction and Eight Sessions).

Mindfulness. Insight Meditation. Freeing up the Heart-Mind.
With Christopher
Sunday 12 June to Tuesday 14 June 2022.
7 am – 8 am Sydney/Melbourne time (Saturday, Sunday, Monday: 23.00 – 24.00 CET)
14.30 – 15.30 Sydney/Melbourne (Sunday to Tuesday 6.30 am – 7.30 am CET) 
20.00–21.00 Sydney/Melbourne. (Sunday to Tuesday 12 noon – 13.00 CET
Currently, Sydney/Melbourne is 8 hours ahead of Central Europe (CET)
It is a little inconvenient with time zone if we live in another part of the world.
You are invited to attend as many zoom sessions as you can.
The days will consist of three 60-minute Zoom meeting per day including talks, comprehensive instructions, guided meditations, questions/answers and sharing. We will encourage specific mindfulness/meditation practices at home, work and elsewhere.
To Register: Nisha in Australia is our manager.
Nisha will send you the Zoom login link.
There is no registration fee.
Do join. A single point can change a life.


Seminarhaus Engl
2-8 July 2022
(Ulla Koenig will offer two Zoom talks)
Seminarhaus Engl e.V.(one hour from Munich)
Engl 1
84339 Unterdietfurt, Germany
Phone +49-(0)8728-616
The retreats consist of comprehensive mindfulness/meditation instructions in sitting, walking, standing/reclining, inter-views with myself, inquiry, questions and answers, and a daily talk. Silence is a major feature of these retreats. Suitable for beginners and experienced meditators.
Waldhaus website will provide residential costs. The teacher invites donations at the end of the retreat to support the ongoing teaching.

DHARMA YATRA – 10-Day Pilgrimage with Dharma Teachings/Practices
Christopher and Ulla Koenig
2 – 12 August 2022
Nearly Full. Waiting list will start after.

We hold the Yatra (Dharma/eco pilgrimage) starting near Reutlingen,
near Stuttgart, 90 minutes south on train from Frankfurt
Places for a maximum of 60 people, including 10 places for under 16-year-olds.
We offer a plant-based diet. We walk through forests and on tracks beside organic farms.
Registration 120 Euros. Request for Donations to support the range of running costs and invite to offer donations to teachers at end of Yatra.

How to Teach Mindfulness to Children
Christopher and Nshorna
Monday 12 – Friday 16 September 2022
The Wise Lotus Centre,
Letchworth Garden City, Herts (north of London)
Christopher and Nshorna are a father and daughter team.

DAY OF REPENTANCE – Tuesday 4 October,2022
DAY OF ATONEMENT- Wednesday 5 October 2022
Two Days of Teachings/Practices with Christopher
Three 60-minute sessions, via Zoom, plus practices for home.
The Jewish C0mmunity regards Yom Kippur as the most important holy-day in their religious calendar.
Tuesday. We will explore themes of repentance/regrets/errors of judgement/unresolved issues of the past and the unhelpful burden of guilt. Sessions will look at fresh ways to look at experiences, impactful or subtle, with recognition of acts done or not done
Wednesday. We will explore themes of atonement, of acts to make amends for what we said, wrote or did or failed to do. Day will include ways to implement change through mindfulness, sharing, loving kindness and fresh perceptions.
Tuesday and Wednesday.
9 am – 10 am. Guided Meditation/Reflection, Talk. Question and Answer
13.00 – 14.00 Guided Meditation/Reflection, Talk. Question and Answer
18.00 – 19.00 Guided Meditation/Reflection, Talk. Question and Answer
(CET time is one hour earlier. 8 am-9 am. 12.00-13.00 and 17.00-18.00)
Jews and non-Jews are welcome to attend this two-day Zoom gathering.
Participants are welcome to attend as many sessions as possible.
Teachings will include meditation/activities/communication practices during the day.
Christopher Titmuss taught annual residential retreats in Israel between 1992 – 2019.
To register:

Waldhaus Buddhist Zentrum
18 October – 23 October 2022
23 October – 28 October 2022
With Christopher
Zentrum for Buddhismus
One hour by train from Bonn/Cologne
Am Laacher See56643,
Nickenich, Germany+49 2636 3344
Nearest railway station: Andernach
To Register for any retreat, send email to:
Do come.


Join the Buddha Study Guide (BSG)
With Christopher
You can join any time during the year.
A One Day per Month Study of specific Discourses of the Buddha.
Two 60-minute sessions.
India Standard Time 12.30 pm. CET at 8 am.
India Standard Time. 20.30. CET 16.00.
Comprehensive 73-page in PDF of Buddha Study Guide provided
To register and receive Zoom link.
Upcoming Dates in 2022. On a Saturday.

25 June
30 July
20 August
17 September

Participants will receive a PDF of the 73-page Buddha Study Guide and a PDF of Ulla’s reflections/analysis of the major discourses.
Suitable for those with knowledge of the Buddha’s teachings and beginners.
We focus on the Middle Length Discourses of the Buddha – the most loved book of teachings with 152 discourses. Previous recorded meetings are available.
Register with
See Zoom Israel above for teachings on the Eightfold Path and dates for BSG.

Dates for Mindfulness Teacher Training Course (MTTC).
Christopher and Ulla Koenig
Please note this is a 12-month Course, which started in late October 2021 and finishes in early November 2022 for 60 participants with prior registration.
3-4 June 2022
15-16 July 2022
9-10 September 2022
7-8 October 2022
2-6 November 2022 (residential/Zoom with Christopher)

DONATIONS for Christopher

Different Ways to offer donations(dana) to support Christopher
•    You can make donations via your PAYPAL, STRIPE or Credit/Debit Card
•    You do not need a PAYPAL account.
Inspired by his years as a Buddhist monk (1970-1976) Christopher depends upon donations rather than charge for teachings. Christopher only teaches in centres where he considers the daily rate affordable.
You can also make a bank transfer to my bank account in Devon, England. I will email you my bank details.
Thank you for your kind support.



(10-Day pilgrimage and Dharma exploration in nature)
Zohar Lavie, Nathan Glyde, Denis Robberechts and Kiêt Dao
27 July – 5 August 2022. Near Dionay in the department of Isère, France.
Places for maximum 100 people including places for under 16-year-olds.
We ask for a non-refundable registration fee of €100 for setting up costs. We will invite further donations to cover costs of running the Yatra. The teachers offer their time on a dana (donation) basis withs an invitation to offer donations to the teachers at the end of Yatra.
The Yatra is a wonderful opportunity to follow in the footsteps of the Buddha and other spiritual explorers through immersion in nature, community, teachings and practices.

Residential and Zoom Programmes
For information, see
Website information in German and English.
Ulla and I are co-teachers in the Mindfulness Teacher Training Course (MTTC).

Liberation Teachings of Insight Meditation: a weekly practice group
One-hour, free of charge Zoom meetings on Monday at 17:00 CET.

30 minute meditation and discussion on discourse of the Buddha on liberation. A regular support to explore expanse and depth of practice. Zoom link
Bryan Tucker, who lives in Boston, USA, has more than 40 years of contact with the Dharma with extensive experience in India, USA and Europe. He is a respected senior in the Sangha. Bryan will assist Christopher and Ulla on the annual Dharma-Yatra in Germany. For further information: e-mail is


Teachers, managers, directors of centres, organisers and staff connected with our programmes, residential and Zoom, offer a service. This principle applies before the programme we offer, during the event and after. A small team of people often give support to a large group. If you feel concern on any matter with any of our responses to you, before, during or after an event, please email us. Where and when? What was written? What was said? What happened? A manager or teacher will address your concern and get back to you or you can contact the centre. Do join one or more of our programmes.

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